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Flaws and Merits

Merits and Flaws are optional traits that a storyteller may choose to include, or prohibit, in her chronical. Properly used, the Merits and Flaws help players create and indivdualize their character. Merits are special abilities or advantages that are rare or unique in the general Kindred population, while Flaws are liabilities or disadvantages that pose challenges to a character's nightly exsistance. These Traits can provide player characters with added depth and personality, but Storytellers should be careful to ensure that any Traits chosen will not adversely influence the course of the chronicle or give one character an unfair advantage over the rest.

Merits and Flaws can be selected only during character creation and are purchased using freebie points. Each Merit has it's own point cost, while each Flaw has a point value which adds to the amount of freebie points a player can spend during the creation process. A character may take as many Merits as the player can afford, but no character may have more than seven points' worth of Flaws (which would give a character a total of 22 freebie points to spend in other areas).

Merits and Flaws are divided into four categories: physical, mental, social and supernatural. The physical category describes Merits or Flaws that deal with a character's physical makeup or abilities, while the mental category addresses intellectual abilities or patterns of behaviour. The social category comprises relationships and individual status in Kindred or mortal society, while the supernatural Merits and Flaws concern the paranormal abilities of vampires and the way they interact with the physical world.

*Note on Online RP - As Online VtM doesn't often have a set Storyteller, consult clan leaders/sires/mentors about which flaws and merits would be best for you. Please be sure to follow the guidelines above on selecting these flaws/merits, as they are taken straight from the book. and be sure that they do not contradict each other.

*White - All Types/Freeform
*Red - Vampire
*Yellow - Changeling
*Green - KotE
*Orange - Hunter
*Purple - Mage
*Brown - Garou/Changing Breeds
*Gray - Wraith