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The Path of Honorable Accord

We are not knights or samurai. We are simply supporters of order. Those who do not favor our ways are a threat to the Sabbat. - Vincent Day , Sabbat Paladin

Nickname: Patriots, Canonici
Basic Beliefs: This is the strongest of all the Paths. It is little more than a code of conduct which serves to keep some semblance of order in a very chaotic sect. In fact, those on this Path are often referred to as followers of the Code. The Path is spelled out in a book called the Code of Milan. The basic philosophy accompanying the Code is one that does not try to understand the purpose of existence and instead focuses upon the present. Honor is the true measure of strength and greatness. Similar to the Path of Caine, the Path of Honorable Accord is one of structure. However, unlike the former Path, this Path approves of change.

The Ethics of the Path

These are among the most important ideas promoted in the Code Of Milan:

Serve your leader faithfully as long as she acts in the best interest of the Sabbat.
Observe all Auctoritas Ritae of the Sabbat.
Keep your word of honor. Breaking your word makes you small and weak, and you will never be trusted or respected by those with honor.
Respect your peers and treat them fairly.
Never betray another's trust in you.
Be brave. Cowards have no honor. Defend the Sabbat with your unlife.
Be generous to your brothers and sisters and they will be generous to you.
Always repay debts.
Do your best to serve the interests of the Sabbat.
Final Death before dishonor.
Treat the dishonorable harshly.
Keep the traditions of our people.
Obey all other rules under the Code of Milan.


During the great Camarilla-Sabbat Jyhads of the early years, a civil war split the Sabbat. An agreement was made in the city of Milan to settle the internecine fighting and hold the sect together. The Code expanded greatly during the years of peace. A whole philosophy developed based upon the idea of vampiric honor as a means of inner discipline and a replacement for human conscience. There was another civil war within the Sabbat in the 1800 and early 1900s. After the conflict ended and peace was restored to the Sabbat, the Code of Milan was modified.

Current Practices

The followers of this Path participate in all Sabbat rituals and are responsible for the development and continued practice of many of them. The Path members in each city hold their own formal meetings, complete with special rituals. The followers of this Path monitor others in the Sabbat and make sure they stay in line. They do not hold Sabbat of other Paths responsible for all aspects of the Code of Milan, but they do hold them to the accepted practices of the sect as a whole.

Description of Followers

Most of the followers could be considered simple, lawabiding members of an otherwise disordered sect. Some on this Path become entranced with the idea of personal honor, making it the key influence in their lives. This Path is popular with members of almost all the clans. It is especially popular with those Sabbat who have their own spiritual beliefs but understand the importance of following a Path.

Following the Path

Characters on this Path should behave in an honorable manner despite personal setbacks from doing so. The character should consider dying with honor to be better than living without honor. The character does not have to be a slave to this code, and the player is encouraged to think of ways to use the Code to the character's advantage.

Path of Honorable Accord Hierarchy of Sins

10 - Failing to act in accordance with the Sabbat in any matter

9 - Failing to show hospitality to all other Sabbat

8 - Failing to observe an Ignoblis Ritus of your pack

7 - Failing to observe an Auctoritas Ritus of the Sabbat

6 - Acting a gainst your leader; failing to protect fellow Sabbat

5 - Placing personal welfare over that of the entire sect

4 - Failing to honor an agreement

3 - Showing cowardice

2 - Showing overt disrespect for the sect

1 - Breaking your word

The following comprise the basic tenets of the faith:

1. You dislike those who have no honor.

2. You never break your word.

3. You live unlife with complete vampiric honor.

4. You are very Spartan in your outlook.

5. You bend the rules if it suits your personality, though your Path rating will suffer.

6. You always support your comrades.

7. You protect any in your charge from harm.

8. You are hospitable.

9. You are stern and you can be extremely harsh.

10. You are loyal to the Sabbat over everything else, including your own safety.

Common Abilities: The only common Abilities among all those on this Path are Sabbat Lore and Law, in reference to the Code of Milan. Many possess martial Abilities, such as Brawl, Demolitions, Fast-Draw, Firearms, Gunsmithing, Heavy Weapons, Hunting, Interrogation, Martial Arts Weapons, Melee, Stealth and Traps.

Preferred Disciplines: Presence and Fortitude are considered important by many on this Path.

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