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The Path of Caine

Except for the ones who came before the flood, we are the only members of our race to understand. If we want to survive the coming Gehenna, we must become like our father. - Nora Clemones, Bishop of Quebec

Nickname: Noddists
Basic Beliefs: Noddists believe the key to inner peace is found only within oneself. Finding this wisdom requires the examination of one's desires and the practice of restraint. The Path of Caine is a journey walked alone.

There are no established meetings or rituals for the Path, though others may be consulted about their insights. It has no leaders, but those who have reached an understanding of what they are earn the respect of others on the Path. The vampires on this Pa th study their race's history and their founder. They search for missing pieces to the Book of Nod and accept the book as the truth. They seek to find Caine and serve him as faithful childer. They are eschatologists as well, studying the concept and evidence of Ghenna as well as all aspects of the great cycle of vampire events.

Diablerie is practiced not for its inherent material power, but to become closer to Caine. The followers of this Path seek to eliminate the Antediluvians more fervently than any others within the sect.

The Path of Caine is not concerned with the salvation of the vampire. Instead, it seeks to strengthen the natural order of the universe created by God. Those on this Path believe that vampirism was established by God. Vampires are part of the natural order and it is not evil for them to act in the manner vampires should. To avoid this natural behavior is evil. Vampires should seek to sanctify their normal existence, not avoid it.

The Ethics of the Path

Search for wisdom through the exercise of restraint. Never go to extremes in anything.
Develop your willpower. Learn the meaning of inner strength.
Learn as much as possible about vampiric history, especially that which concerns Caine.
Pursue any chances to drink the blood of older generations and thereby grow closer to Caine.
Meditate and spend time alone to better understand yourself.
Respect those on this Path who have come closer to the truth than yourself.
Recognize that you are of the race of Caine, and humans are the race of Abel. It is your right to take their lives at will. It is the curse placed upon Caine and all his children.
Fight the Beast inside you. Master it. You are stronger. Never succumb to frenzy. It was this Beast which caused Caine to murder Abel. The Beast will force you to murder whether you want to or not.
Live in peace among humanity's works whenever possible. Do not reveal your existence to the humans. You were not meant to live with them as a brother or sister.


The Path of Caine developed among the Assamites with the discovery of what is believed to be part of the original manuscript from the Book of Nod. The Noddists, as those on this Path are sometimes referred to, were the first to conclude that the Camarilla is a scheme of the Ancients. The Path of Caine was strong in the late 1500s through the 1700s, but slowly began to dwindle, as it was too rigorous for many. Today, the Path is respected but has only a small following.

Current Practices

Noddists do not participate in the Creation Rites except when forced by the Jyhad. Vampires on this Path value time alone in thought, though they are not necessarily loners by nature; they just prefer to spend time considering what it means to be a Cainite. Path members study the Book of Nod and preach from it. Most Path members take an active interest in the play presented at each year's Palla Grande, often taking the roles of characters in it. Noddists test themselves in personal trials, but take less interest in the more competitive rituals.

Description of Followers

Most followers of this Path are reserved. They are usually soft-spoken, but defend their ideals with passion. Noddists tend to be noncompetitive. They seek wisdom, studying philosophy, history and many other areas of knowledge. The Assamite antitribu are, and always have been, the greatest devotees of this Path.

Following the Path

The character should usually be quiet and reserved, spending a great deal of time alone. When violence is beneficial or necessary, the character should act quickly and with all necessary force. The character should accept killing as part of the curse of Caine. The character should be interested in diablerie and take every opportunity to drink an elder's blood. The character should participate in War Parties: not for the competition, but for the precious vitae of the elder targeted. The character should study history and an cient languages. The character should always be interested in acquiring new information about Caine and should be willing to risk his existence for such.

Path of Caine Hierarchy of Sins

10 - Failing to pursue evidence concerning Caine when it could cost your unlife

9 - Failing to spend at least three hours in meditation every night

8 - Acting against the Sabbat

7 - Being disrespectful to your elders; failing to pursue evidence of Caine if there is only moderate danger

6 - Failing to participate in a War Party

5 - Refusing to attempt to destroy Camarilla vampires; considering humans to be of any more value than food sources

4 - Feeling sorry for killing a human; failing to pursue evidence concerning Caine if there is only minor danger involved

3 - Not killing a mortal when there is need to do so

2 - Relying on human allies or friends; failing to pursue evidence of Caine when there is no sign of danger

1 - Drinking the blood of an animal when humans are available

The following comprise the basic tenets of the faith:

1. You must try to find vampires of earlier generations than yourself and drink their blood. You should try to find them among the Camarilla first, but any non -Sabbat elder will do.

2. You must participate in War Parties if they provide you with opportunities for diablerie.

3. You must study vampiric history and follow any leads that might provide you with missing pieces to the Book of Nod

4. You must be willing to die the Final Death to prove the existence and find the whereabouts of Caine.

5. You must never have human allies or friends.

6. You must never drink animal vitae when human vitae is available.

7. You must spend at least some time alone in meditation each night.

8. You must always fight frenzy, and never ride the wave.

9. You must strive to strengthen your willpower.

10. You must never feel guilty about taking human life.

Common Abilities: All Noddists are knowledgeable in at least some of the following areas: Archaeology, Histoty (especially ancient history), Investigation, Kindred Lore, Linguistics (ancient languages in particular), Lore (any type), Occult, Research and Theology.

Preferred Disciplines: All "natural" Disciplines are viewed as acceptable. Thaumaturgy and Serpentis are not viewed as "natural" Disciplines and many Noddists dislike those who practice either one of these Disciplines.

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