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The Path of Death and the Soul

We are spirits trapped in corpses . Death is only the beginning. You understand this the longer you've been dead. - Murray Sutton, Sabbat Monsignor

Nickname: Necronomists
Basic Beliefs: The Path of Death and the Soul is a Path devoted to understanding what it means to be an immortal soul trapped in a physical body. The vampire is a ghost with a physical form. All powers and weaknesses stem from this link with the spirit world. It is important to learn as much about the spirit world as possible so one can comprehend the purpose of existence.

Earthly existence is a constant cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The soul is constant. The soul lives out life after life as it draws closer to God. The vampire is the break in the cycle. The soul of a vampire is forever locked in one form. Many on this Path believe their souls will be released into the cycle again once they suffer Final Death but, like mortals, they are not eager to find out. Vampires were set apart from the cycle of existence when Caine was cursed by God. All vampires now carry the burden of Caine for the length of their immortal lives. After Final Death, they are released from the curse to return as mortals once again.

The followers of this Path believe the soul to be located within the heart of the body. Blood serves both physical and spiritual functions. Since their own corpse-like bodies cannot produce blood, the blood of others is needed to revitalize the soul. The

Ethics of the Path

Study death in its many forms.
Do not fear Final Death. The soul is immortal.
Learn as much about the occult as possible. The clues have always been present, but now is the time to piece together the puzzle.
Explore the nature and purpose of all things.
Accept the greater consciousness to which all belong.
Search for meaning in the emotions and conscience of your once-mortal self.


This Path was the first of the Paths. Founded by a group of Tzimisces, the Path started as a death cult but was recognized as a legitimate school of thought during the Age of Enlightenment. The tenets of the Path of Death and the Soul became much more developed, borrowing the ideas of mor tals who developed a philosophy of reason through science.

Path of Death and the Soul Hierarchy of Sins

10 - Failing to kill for the sake of knowledge

9 - Showing fear of Final Death

8 - Acting in an emotional manner

7 - Riding the wave during frenzy

6 - Showing any sign of the animal or the human in you

5 - Failing to study death when the opportunity affords itself

4 - Showing no interest in death, or an aversion to it

3 - Displaying overt compassion

2 - Needlessly preventing a death

1 - Allowing your emotion to override your logic

The following comprise the basic tenets of the faith:

1. You act dispassionately.

2. You always analyze situations and act logically

3. You show no interest in making new friends, though you are courteous and loyal.

4. You fight frenzy every time it tries to emerge.

5. You perform your own "scientific experiments" to study death. (You decide what kind.)

6. You read a great deal, focusing primarily on the sciences and the occult.

7. You do not mind killing.

8. You do not fear Final Death.

9. You spend a lot of your free time alone.

10. You often associate with others on this Path to glean their wisdom

Current Practices

This Path has many elaborate rituals, carried out frequently and regularly. Human and vampire sacrifices are common.

Description of Followers

Most are curious, objective and unemotional. However, they study human emotions and conscience, even treating their own fading humanity as the subject of scientific study. They are very spiritual but lack any apparent passion for what they believe. They study death and the occult as sciences. They are loyal to the sect, but even vampires of the Sabbat sometimes feel uncomfortable around them. Members of the Toreador antitribu comprise the largest portion of this Path's following.

Following the Path

The character should accept human emotions and conscience as part of the greater macrocosm, yet perform an almost clinical study of them. The character should never show strong emotion. The character should seem both kind and cruel, but act coldly almost all of the time. The character should study death and maintain an interest in the occult.

Common Abilities: Alchemy, First Aid, Interrogation, Lore (any type), Medicine, Occult, Psychoanalysis, Psychology, Research, Spirit Lore, Theology, Toxicology. Any of these Abilities can aid a great deal in following this Path.

Preferred Disciplines: The most important Disciplines for understanding existence through this Path are Auspex, Necromancy and Thaumaturgy.

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