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Vulgar Argot
These terms are slang, the modern equivalents of older turns of phrase which have fallen out of favor due to their association with the elder ranks. These words carry great connotation, as they are associated with the younger Kindred, who seek to establish their own vampiric cultures.

Alleycat: A vampire who keeps no permanent haven, but sleeps in a different location each night. This term also refers to a Kindred who feeds exclusively from the homeless, vagrants and other elements of low society.

Banking: The practice of "withdrawing" blood from blood banks and hospital reserves. This blood has little taste, though it will sustain a vampire, and the elder Kindred eschew this base indulgence. A Kindred who engages in this practice is known as a Banker.

Black Hand: Another name for the sect known as the Sabbat.

Blister: A vampire "Typhoid Mary" who contracts a mortal disease and speads it to each vessel upon whom he feeds.

Bloodline: A vampire's heritage. (q.v. Lineage).

Blood Doll: A mortal who freely gives her blood to a vampire. Most blood dolls gain a perverse satisfaction from the Kiss, and actively seek out vampires who will take their vitae.

Butterfly: One who mingles among the mortal high-society element and feeds exclusively from the famous and wealthy.

Casanova: A vampire who seduces mortals to take their blood, but does not kill them. Casanovas typically erase the memory of their presense from their vessels' mind (q.v. Cauchemar).

Change, The: The moment an individual ceases to be a mortal and becomes one of the Kindred.

Damned, The: The race of Kindred; all vampires.

Donor: A sarcastic term for a vessel, typically human.

Farmer: A term of mockery for vampires who refuse to feed on human blood, instead taking sustenance from animals.

Fief: A sarcastic term for a vampire's domain or claim thereof, most commonly used in reference to a prince.

Head: A Kindred who feeds upon those who have imbibed alcohol or drugs, so as to vicariously experiance the same sensations. Those Kindred who prefer individual drugs have their "poison" prefixed to the term head (e.g., crackhead, dopehead, smackhead).

Headhunter: A vampire who hunts and feeds from other Kindred (q.v. Rogue).

Juicebag: A contemptuous term for mortals, indicating that their sole use is for sustenance. Even more irreverent is the term Bag.

Lick: A vampire; one of the race of Kindred.

Rack, The: The hunting ground of choice, including bars, nightclubs, drug dens, whorehouses and other bacchanalian locales, where mortals go missing all the time. (q.v. Papillon)

Rake: A habitual visitor to the Rack, especially in the interest of feeding (q.v. Gentry).

Sandman: A vampire who feeds upon sleeping victims only.

Slumming: The practice of feeding from derelicts, the homeless and other dregs of society; one who does this regularly is known as a Slummer.

Stalker: A mortal who hunts down and destroys Kindred (q.v. Witch-hunter).

Tease: A term for a female Casanova (vide).

Turf: A modern affection used in reference to a domain; it may also refer to the area under a given gang's influence.

Vegetary: A term for contempt for one who drinks exclusively from animals (q.v. Farmer).