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The Kindred have their own dialect of specialized words and phrases. Vampires have a tremendous capacity for double-talk; what they say often means something other than it's literal interpretation, or something in addition to it's simple meaning. Certain words have evolved new connotations among the Damned, while others are unique to vampires and their society. The Kindred, set in their ways as they are, are loath to adopt new manners of speech or slang, and one can often determine a rough estimation of a vampire's age by listening to the individual words she chooses.

Common Parlance:
These words are in common use among all echelons of Kindred Society.

Old Form:
The elders typically use these turns of phrase, which have existed since long before the modern nights. One in advised to use these words carefully --- in some company, their use may be seen as humorously anachronistic, while in the company of anarchs, for example, they may be misconstrued as the elders' propaganda.

Vulgar Argot:
These terms are slang, the modern equivalent of older turns of phrase which have fallen out of favor due to their association with the elder ranks. These words carry great connotation, as they are associated with the younger Kindred, who seek to establish their own vampiric cultures.

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