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Clans and Sects


Sects are groups of vampires and clans that supposedly share a common ideology. They are modern contrivance, but an important one. Sects as they are known in these nights first surfaced after tha Great Anarch Revolt, a continent wide upheaval which took place in Europe during the 15th century. Many elders accept sect membership grudgingly, deriding sects as "foolish ----- the Blood is all that matters." In nights before the Great Anarch Revolt and the Inquisition, these elders claim, there were no sects at all. Other vampires argue that this is still true---- a vampire in a sizable city may go a decade or more without ever seeing another Kindred, so of what use is a sect?

Reguardless, most vampires belond to one sect or another; other claim independence, no preference, or that they are affiliated with their clan, not a sect. he sect known as the Camarilla is arguably the largest and most prevalent, though it's rival the Sabbat has recently made a considerable inroads against it and still opposes the Camarilla at every turn. The secretive Inconnu, when it may be reached for comment, maintains that it is not a sect, although it seems to be organized and manages to steer clear of the other sects. On the opposite side of the coin, the anarchs make much show of pretending to be a sect, though they are the first to enlist Camarilla aid when the Sabbat appears at a city's borders. Thus, the Camarilla considers the anarchs to be under it's purview.

-The Camarilla-
-The Sabbat-


Clans of the Camarilla
The Camarilla claims that all vampires are under it's purview, whether they wish to be so included or not. The Camarilla realistically comprises seven clans, though any Kindred may be recognized as a memeber if she so declares.


Clans of the Sabbat
Like the Camarilla, the Sabbat welcomes any Kindred who wishes to become a member --- provided the vampire in question subscribes to the sect's inhuman philosophy. Indeed, almost every Camarilla clan has an antitribu, or "anti-clan" analog, in the Sabbat; these rebels reject the tenents of the mainstream clan in favor of the monsters' way of thinking. The Sabbat's two leading clans both claim to have destroyed their Antediluvian founders, and are said to pursue the annihilation of the other Antediluvians as well.


Clans of the Independants
The independent clans claim membership to no sect, instead following the legendary tenets of their mythical founders. Independent clans tend to be the most cohesive and sociable Kindred of all, as their clan duties ensure that they interact with other vampires almost nightly.
In elder nights, the independent clans held domains far from the havens of the rest of the Kindred and did not participate overmuch in the upheavals of the Inquisition and Anarch Revolt. As a result, they were rarely seen, their members considered more legend than fact. The past few years have changed that. As the world shrinks and the kine speak of "geopolitics" and "global economy," the clans of the Camarilla and Sabbat find their herds and spheres of influence conflicting more and more with those of the independents. Independent Kindred cross Camarilla and Sabbat domains with increasing frequency, and the sect-affiliated clans are beginning to realize that the four "neutral" clans have networks, concerns and goals far greater than they had previously imagined.

Followers of Set

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