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:-: The Traditions :-:

       It's much easier to be different when there are other people, different just like you, around. Mages are certainly no exception. Those mages grouping together to share common mystic principles developed their own council and unified system of magic. From the roots that they've handed down, they have established magical Traditions. The Traditions have their disagreements over theory and style, certainly, but they have found, especially lately, that it is often more productive to work together — at least on the surface — toward their common goal of defense against forces that would destroy magic and myth.        

       The Council of Nine, made up of one member from each established Tradition, serves as the official governing force of the Traditions. The Council's purpose is to guide the actions of the Traditions as a whole, to serve as a watchdog for mages' activities and look out for the well-being of mages and Sleepers alike. In truth, the Council lias hide effect on the dally life of the average Traditionalist. Its ideals tend to filter down to individuals; its active goals tend to be achieved by small groups of disciples taught by mages close to the Council. On an individual level, the Traditions serve a variety of purposes in a mage's life. The Traditions help a mage to learn, give her moral and magical support and help her understand and define the structure of her beliefs.

      A Tradition mage can also expect to be part of a group of people who will back her up and shelter her in sticky situations. On the other hand, Traditions usually expect their members to be helpful in return. In the modern age, the Traditions hold dear the various practices of magic handed down from many cultures and legacies. All believe, however, that it's important to keep magic alive and to give Sleepers the choice of a magical world. From the highest seats of Tradition thinking in the Horizon Realms, to the individual apprentices who dream of a better world, the Traditions defend a world where people can believe in wonder, mysticism and spirituality. The Technocratic Union has no room for such vagaries, and the Masses have chosen to live in a safe and static world.

      Not all mages choose to become part of a Tradition, however. Some prefer to work and live by themselves, figuring out solutions to their problems and celebrating success alone. These Orphans don't get the benefits of being part of a discrete group, but they don't have to deal with the more difficult parts of being social, either.

Akashic Brotherhood
Celestial Chorus
Cult of Ecstasy
Order of Hermes
Sons of Ether
Virtual Adepts
Hollow Ones

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