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Mutants : The Gifted

An Explanation

Mutants, in the World of Darkness, already have a predefined classification, however, these mutants are a bit different. Humans with a genetic strand, that for one reason or another, has mutated itself beyond human capacity. Mutants, on a whole, do not vary much from humanity. Most mutants have a humanoid appearance, or, have the capacity to look human, and blend a bit easier into ordinary society. Many mutants will find their beginnings to be very bumpy, and there will be a time of awkwardness, that makes puberty seem easy. When a mutant is born, they are born as any human might be. In mutants, however, there is a single genetic strand with a mutated thread, humans who were born with a quirk in their genetic structures. Such quirks remain dormant until puberty, and then burst out uncontrollably. The reason for these quirks are twofold; one is the sun, the second is evolution. Basically, the accumulated and increasing solar radiation has sparked the next step in the evolution of man. This mutation allows them to do various things. In some mutants, their power is seen at the very beginning, however, and is considered a Static power. Static powers never grow, or change, or evolve, it is one power, that is a constant. Mutants with Static power, never have to force themselves to learn their abilities, it comes as a second nature. However, mutants with a Static ability must also teach themselves to use the power they have been given. A mutant with, for example, the single ability such as Improved Strength, can use their strength at any point, but they must teach themselves to control said strength.

Many mutants will spend the rest of their life learning, and teaching themselves to use what they've been given. mutants with abilities that engage more then one type of power specifically, gain their power in levels of skill. These levels of skill are not easily raised, but, in the eyes of the mutants, well worth it. Many of these 'Gifted' people, however, resent what they've been given, and tend to take what they view as their misfortune, wrongfully out on humanity. Mutants come in all shapes and sizes, from the exceptionally large, and exceptionally strong, to the small, and meek, with meager gifts at best. There is no telling what kind of power a mutant might have, but most mutations are individual. Its rare to see two mutants of the same generation, with the exact same power. Adaptations, modifications, perhaps, but not all mutants will have the same kind of skill. That should cover the basic explanation for Mutants. Now, on to the technical.

The Technical Aspect

As stated before, when a mutant is born, they are born with a single, mutated, genetic strand. This mutation may have many repercussions. With many mutants, its an alteration of their physical appearance, though these can be easily covered up, if done correctly. Another, is simply an exceptional gift that allows them enhancements that an ordinary human would not have. A mutant, however, cannot have any other form of natural power, or learned power. In other words, a mutant can't be, say, a White Wolf Mage. A mutants body rejects all outside forms of magic, or transformation. For example, a Mutant cannot also be a Garou, and, embracing a Mutant to Vampiric life, will almost certainly kill them.

Mutants have a broad range of abilities. Many of which will be listed here. Of course, in making a mutant, players must keep one constant thought in mind. A mutants powers often reflect their personality. As mutants are given 'life', their powers will be created, and added to a comprehensive list. All Mutants, and mutant abilities must be Storyteller approved before they pass the Creation Process.

Definition of Power

Power in mutants awakens somewhere between the 13th, and 18th year. As such, all mutants, unless they possess a Static Power, will start out with their level of skill at 1. To this, there is but one exception. A mutant in their 20's, will obviously have been working with their powers, however, their level cannot go above 4, even at this point. Very few mutants gain total mastery, (level 10), over their powers. Mutants of that skill, are typically a great deal older (age around 60's or so), however, mutants of this level, must also be Storyteller approved. Several mutants, because of their powers, can live to be in their 100's or so, because of their mutations. Mutants must also join the Mutant Registry. Those placed on this list are noted (and their powers added to the website, along with their name). In an attempt to keep their human lives separate from their mutant ones, many of the 'Gifted', take on alias', or codenames.

The Mutant Registry

Human Identity Mutant Identity   Mutant Ability
Kellindra Isamu




Resistant to magical attacks, or attacks fired from the outside forms of energy (Deflects all non-physical attack) Ability to form body into melee type weaponry. (Any weapon not fired) Increased speed (+2)

Information contained on this page is İDischord, with the exception of the concept of Mutants, which is İMarvel Comics, and its affiliates. If you wish to modify this race, or any of the abilities listed there-in, from this page, please e-mail and ask permission before doing so. 

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