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    It is said that with the faith in the Divine, also comes the granting of his power, though his power can only touch those with the truest and most loyal of beliefs in Him and His word. Granted by the God of the Christians, 'Yahweh', or 'Allah'. This power is purely defensive, and will only cause damage if the offenders are evil in spirit and heart.
    Innocence is a power rarely seen among anything more than exceptionally gifted mortals, and is not accessible to any form of Supernatural being. A character must have a virtuous heart, and for every unkind act they commit, they must make a Faith roll, (difficulty Willpower + 1), and make at least three successes, or lose a point of permanent Humanity, which in turn must be gained back. Unkind deeds are to be determined by the Storyteller.

    System: Innocence is a power unique to the Followers of God in all of his forms and names, and may be utilized only by those most faithful. Innocence, as one might have guessed, is powered by a pool called 'Faith', that, like Humanity and Willpower, has a rating which cannot exceed ten. A character's Faith rating is always equivalent to their rating in Humanity, and can only be replenished by prayer at the end of the scene. For every hour a character spends praying, reciting psalms, and singing hymns, they regain a single point of faith. The prayers need not be clear, the character needs to only go through the act of worship.
    Characters attempting to cast any power from the Art of Innocence must make a roll of Faith + Religion, difficulty depending upon the power, and spend a single point of Faith to invoke their power, in some cases. Once invoked, these powers last for a full scene (4 roleplay posts), before fading away. The character can at that time choose to spend another point of Faith to either continue the invocation, or allow it to fade away. Botched rolls have varied effects, everything from causing the Caster to burst into tears as the presence of God is temporarily withdrawn from them, to sending them running in terror that they might have offended Him.

      Sense Evil -- Evil is something innate in a person's heart, and isn't easily hidden from someone with the art of Innocence. People with Evil inside them, or dishonest intentions, including Vampires on Paths alternative to that of Humanity, radiate their usual aura, laced with black, almost similar to that of a Diablerists, to those who invoke this power.

    System: The Caster rolls Perception + Faith, and invokes a single point of Faith, staring at the target until their aura comes into view. If a character's aura turns up completely black under this power, the Caster must then make a Willpower roll to resist backing away from what they commonly call the Devils Touch.

    Repel the Wicked -- Wickedness and Evilness are on two different scopes, in some cases, but for the most part, those who are evil have a dark sense of wickedness that often involves unnecessary cruelty, which drives them further into the depths of their Wickedness. This power puts up a 10 foot radius of 'holy light' around the caster in an intangible aura that repels wicked creatures, and all undead creatures without question.

    System: The Caster rolls Faith + Religion, and invokes two points of Faith, a glowing white sphere flaring to life around the Caster. This sphere is visible only to those it is being cast upon, and any other Supernatural creature who makes a roll of Perception + Occult, difficulty five, in order to fully comprehend that it isn't a trick of lighting. This sphere lasts for a single scene, or 15 minutes, whichever passes first, and can take an indefinite number of strikes. It also blocks out weapons attempted to be used by the Supernatural, and anything tainted with their presence, weapons they've held, etc.

    Purity of the Spirit -- The spirit of those who possess is so innocent, and so pure in nature that it often times 'burns' the supernatural being attempting to attack them, who either come into direct physical contact with their blood while attempting to shed it, or ingest it, in an attempt to feed from them.

    System: When being attacked the character casts this power, rolling Faith + Religion, invoking two points of Faith, the caster may imbue their own blood with the powers of their Faith. Blood that has been empowered in this manner becomes acidic to the touch of an evil creature, much like a stronger type of Holy Water. Blood touching the skin causes 2 levels of bashing damage for every ten minutes it coats the skin without being washed away, exposing raw nerves, and other such internal workings. Characters attempting to ingest the blood of a character who has used Purity of the Spirit will find that the blood burns their mouths, and the internals on the way down. As the blood cycles into the rest of the body is does one level of bashing damage for every ten minutes it remains within the body, and once the blood circulates to their heart, paralyzes them as it burns them alive from the inside, retribution for their past misdeeds.

    Blessed of the Lord -- There are those who are under the protection of the Divine, and then there are those who can actually call down the lord to wrap them in a protective blanket of his power. This power envelops the caster in a solid blanket that makes their skin impervious, and sears the flesh of any Supernatural creature with a Humanity less than 7, who attempt to touch them.

    System: The Caster rolls Religion + Faith, difficulty 7, and spends 3 points of faith, resurrecting a visible 'golden' barrier around their body. Vampires who come too close to this barrier must make a Willpower roll, difficulty 5, or flee at least 20 foot away from the Caster. Other Supernatural must similarly make a roll to avoid backing away from the Caster by at least 5 feet. Any creature who comes in contact with the Casters body after this power has been cast suffers a level of aggravated damage for every 5 minutes they stay in contact with them. Physical weapons, and normal forms of magic cannot penetrate this barrier. This power lasts for a single scene, and must be cast a second time.

    Vengeance of the Divine -- So great is the belief in the Lord that his power shineth through the darkest of nights, as he leadeth thee through the shadow. This power is the final, and strongest level of the Art of Innocence, and acts as True Faith at fifth rank.

    System: The Caster of this power must have complete concentration for no less than a single turn, and must go through the act of praying, rolling Religion + Faith, difficulty 7, (no less than six successes are acceptable), and spend 4 points of Faith to invoke this power. The Caster is then struck with a white beam which envelops them, and fills them with a purity that sends Creatures with a Humanity less than 7, any creature upon a Path, or any being with an inherently evil nature, running in the other direction, screaming. If a Character is incapable of getting free of the radius of the Caster, they fall to an incoherent heap upon the floor, weeping, babbling, and screaming their repentance to God for their Sins. This power lasts a single scene, and any character afterwards must make a Willpower roll versus the Casters Faith, in order to make any further action, and break free of the hold of His Wrath.

New Knowledge


This Knowledge measures a Person's belief, familiarity, and faith in Yahweh, God of the Christians. A character with the Art of Innocence rolls this Ability with one of two possible Attributes, or with their Faith Pool, when invoking the power of their Art. Each level also bestows a more indepth understanding of God, the insights to the older religions, and the ability to properly translate the hidden meanings within the pages of Holy Works.

Uninformed: You know that something might exist, and think it might be God. You might have gone to church a couple of times when you were younger, but are still shaky in your belief, and only pray when you need something to 'go your way'.

Occasional Beliver: You know he exists, you make sure you go to church every now and then just to try to keep yourself in His good graces, but you don't really read anymore into it than the fact he's there, or try to understand his teachings.

Churchgoer: You believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. You've gone to church since you were younger, and are a devote follower of his teachings, but it doesn't go beyond your time in church. You preach alot about him, but sometimes that waivers, and you don't exactly get everything how you want it to go when it comes to beliefs in him. You may also try to convert disbelievers, and Atheists, but, also respect that they might not believe.

Pastor: You know enough about God, and are a devoted part of the Shepard's flock. You have enough knowledge about him, and his teachings that you could easily be a Pastor in church, and teach others about God, and the origins based in the Old Testament. Very little could sway you from your path.

Unshakable: You know almost everything there is to know about God, have read the texts of several different cultures, can translate old Latin and Hebrew, are a devoted follower of the Lord God, and there isn't a thing in the world which could sway you from your beliefs in him. Anyone attempting to dissuade someone with Religion at level 5 must do so at Intelligence + Occult, difficulty equal to the character's Faith rating.

Special Merit

    Faithful Renewal - This Merit may not be purchased at any time, but can only be handed out by Storytellers, and may only be earned at Storytellers discretion after a set task has been performed to satisfaction. Characters with Faithful Renewal must only spend thirty minutes a night to renew a single point of their Faith, and, in addition, are allowed access, if they so choose, at a cost of 9x current rating, an alternate level four power of Innocence, called 'Renewed Belief

Alternate Level of Innocence

    Renewed Belief -- The faith of God may be called upon anywhere, even if there is no altar present, or no church at which to pray.

    System: The character may spend a single Point of Faith, and 3points of temporary Willpower, descending to their knees where ever they rest, calling forward the lord to renew their Faith, replenishing their Faith rating at one point per every temporary Willpower they spend. A character is left vulnerable during this time, and so herein lies the downfall of this power. No other power may be in effect when this Art is cast.

The Art of Innocnce is Dischord. This concept is an original one, and all writing upon this page was done solely by her. If you wish to modify this power, in any way, please e-mail for permission. 

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