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Rules & Regulations
Gameplay Rules

1. This is an Independantly Run City. Vampires, Garou, whatever race you may be, no single faction holds dominance over Detroit, and conflict will arise, expect it, be aware, and be forewarned, those newly entering the city. You'll be expected to find a side -- and quickly.

2. The Masquerade is in effect here, but only to a certain point. The Camarilla is for it, the Sabbat is against it, and the Independants tend to float from side to side, not really caring, so long as they survive. If you play a member of either of these three groups, expect that it will be understood you'll follow the rules laid out in the guide books. The same goes for Garou Tribes, Kuei Jin Dharma, and other such races and breeds. If you play something from the book, its to be played *by* the book.

3. Generational, & Level Limits Apply Here. In other words, no character who plays a vampire of 6th Generation will have a maximum of anything above 7, as per the V:tM core rulebook. No characters of 3rd Generation will be permitted. Similarly, there is a Generation cap which ends at 6, as well as limitations for other races, as far as levels, and power. Garou may not have gifts above fifth level. Kuei-jin may not have a Dharma Level above 4-5. Angels and Demons will not be allowed to rise above low rank. This isn't a place for godly beings. Its a mortal city, to all outwardly appearances. Free Form races will be limited at Storytellers discretion. Changelings, Wraiths, and other races will be limited similarly, and upon this, a Storyteller should be asked the exact cap off.

4. Discipline Restrictions. If you're an Elder, I'm going to limit you to maximum rating only in Clan Disciplines, and Cardinal Disciplines. For those who are unaware, the Cardinal Disciplines are those stated in the Book of Nod as belonigng to Caine himself. These would be, Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Potence, and Presence. These disciplines are more widespread, and easier to learn. However, should I see something like a Giovanni, Toreador, or Tremere throwing around things like Daimoinion, Koldun, and Chimestry, with no (plausible) explination, or lack of its presence in your history, or you its been roleplayed out in a way thats true to the World of Darkness, I'm going to become longwinded, and in a hurry. Characters that are power-disciplining, or generally unkillable, won't be ignored, However, you conform to the rules of the room, or you don't play here. This isn't a kill all festival, its a roleplay room, you don't like it, there is a convenient Leave button in the room. The same goes for all other creatures. Keep it plausible. We're flexible, but only to a point.

5. Diablerie, and the nature of the Draining, and of claiming the powers of other creatures. Diablerie is not an excuse for having every power under the bloody sun. If your character diablerized someone in the past, thats fine. However, if it was an Ancient Elder that the character would normally have no chance of beating if put up against him/her in a fair fight, or even an unfair fight, it won't be accepted. Diablerie is *not* easy, and *far* from common. Diablerie also only grants the first level of a discipline, not the discipline in full. If you drain away a characters power, we want to know how you did it, what powers you used, and the limitations of what you can drain. Immediately taking someones full scope of power is going to be impossible, in this room, so don't even try it.

Combat Rules

1. First Rule. There are no Spars. There are practice fights between two characters, with dummy weapons, in designated areas, such as a dojo, a gymnasium, or other similar places. These fights generally won't result in the death of a character, being that the weapons are fake. Combat done in this manner is only done hand to hand, or with close range combat weapons. There is no massive amount of Temporis, or other similar time powers, therefore, no way to reverse time to 'undo' a fight. If a character is wounded, or winded, they'll take the necessary time to heal after a fight. There will be no bending, or flexing on this rule.

2. On the subject of normal combat. Normal combat here will be done in this format. Between 3 to 4 actions, any mixture of defensive, or offensive attacks, as the players agree to before combat begins. Also note, while Detroit is a kill zone, it is also a place for roleplay, and no character will be killed unless it befits the story, and the player consents. This *can* be overridden by a Storyteller, if the character takes inappropriate damage, or a situation is handled incorrectly. Also, be warned, if it fits the story, or you allow your character to get into a fatal situation, and make no steps to remove them from it, it will be assumed you are perfectly fine with their death, and it will be manipulated into the flow of events. Story First, Fight Second.

3. In the event of a NPC fight, or a fight in which a move becomes contested. -- In order to avoid fighting, the contest will be resolved by way of the dice. This is where the Character Sheets come in handy. Using the dice may seem complex to most people, but be assured, the Story Tellers will be more then happy to walk you through the dice process. Combat is done in this format, by dice.

Stage One: Initiative -- Roll initiative and declare your action. The character with the highest initiative will perform their action first. Actions can be delayed to any time later in the order of initiative. Declare any multiple actions, reducing dice pools accordingly (Again, the Storyteller will help you here). Declare Discipline activation, and Willpower expenditure.

Stage Two: Attack -- For unarmed-close combat attacks, roll Dexterity + Brawl. For armed close-combat attacks, roll Dexterity + Melee. For ranged combat, roll Dexterity + Firearms (guns), or Dexterity + Athletics (thrown weapons). Note that difficulty can increase and decrease with varying weapons, so for this, the Storyteller will aid you. A character can abort to a defensive action (block, dodge, parry) at any time before her action is performed, as long as you make a successful Willpower roll (or, a point of Willpower is spent)

Stage Three: Resolution -- Total damage effect is determined (weapon type or maneuver), adding any extra dice gained from successes on the attack roll. This is the actual combat post itself, redone by the Storyteller to properly account for damage. Note this, Storytellers are completely unbiased to any player, despite any possible differences that there might be. At this point, Targets may attempt to soak damage, if possible.

This will only be used in NPC and during dispute, so for the most part, with luck, this won't be a worry. Just remember, play fair, and no character is invincible against damage.

4. Death Fights. Any and all death fights will be resolved by the Storytellers if there is any debate at all as to the validity of moves, it will, again, result in the dice being rolled. If a character doesn't have a sheet, it will be done by unbiased plausibility. We may be supernatural, but this is still the real world. If there are any questions, they should be forwarded to, and one of the two Head Storytellers will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.

Also, all fights should be scripted by someone to keep track of them, so if there's a question of damage, it can be answered with ease by the Storyteller reading back through it.

Player Rules

1. Issues. Any realtime issues that find their way in here will find their way out just as quickly. OOC talking isn't prohibited, however, ooc in excess, is a bit overboard. If you're *asked* to take OOC into PM, please do so. Generally, this isn't a bother to most players, as they find it a break sometimes from the seriousness and stress, however, if it becomes a problem, rest assured that one of the Storytellers, will tell you to drop into PM. On the issue of out of character fighting, over an in character issue. You will be told *once* and only once to take the argument into Private Messages, or Q, MSN, AIM, or whatever other Messenger Service you might have. Insistent whining, complaining, and arguing will result in the handy dandy squelch button, and you being completely ignored until you shape up. We're adults, we should be acting like it.

2. Information and Site Rules. Site Rules apply. Posting of personal information, addresses, IP number, and/or realtime business is strictly forbidden, and an offence that results in boot without warning. Meaning, if you have a r/t beef with someone, and decide to slam them. Don't. Not in my room. If you have a personal problem with someone, take it into PM, or another messenger, and deal with it there. If you're coming into this roleplay room, you've obviously been to others, and you know the drill, and rules of conduct. Don't act ignorant, and don't start bullshit fights. Screw up, and get a boot. Keep things cool, stay in play, and we'll get along just fine.

3. A note on Open Cybering. This is a nice little rule, and I'm going to lay it out plain and simple. If your in a private area, where you couldn't be caught, keep it in private. (Meaning Home Residence with your chick/guy, etc.) If your about to fuck someone in the middle of the street, and you want to risk it in the open, where the cops can, and more then likely will, via a storyteller, bust you, feel free. Just because you're fucking in public, doesn't mean the rest of the world stops for you. If you're in an alleyway, playing with a hooker, with possibility of being caught, and you want to scene it in the open, more power to both playes for being brave. As with Site Rules. No Child Pornography or Sex Acts. Meaning, no, and there is no expections to this *NO* Child Hookers. At all. That will get you booted off the site. Also, please please please don't flood the room with massive cybering posts. Also, if you're asked by a Storyteller, to take your cyber into PM, because of other roleplay, you're fully expected to do so.

4. Open Feeding, Feasting, Etc. This is a Independant City. If you want to feed in public, fine, theres nothing against the rules in doing that. If you're Camarilla, keep from being caught, that's a violation of the Masquerade. If you're any other race, be careful. You don't have to cover your tracks, but for gods sake, stay at least semi-coincidental. After all, we may be stronger, but the humans vastly outnumber the supernaturals in this city.

5. Rules can be bent, rules can be broken, but don't bounce my rules all over the universe. That shit don't fly, Not in our city anyway. If there are any non Tremere, Tzimisce, Giovanni, Assamite, or Setite, using Thaumaturgy, We're going to give you the biggest headache in the history of the world. If you *do* have Thaumaturgy, and you're not of those bloods, it had best be limited, and to only one or two of the various paths, and even then, only the Standard Paths.

Standard Paths are as follows:

The Path of Blood, Weather Control, The Path of Conjuring, The Green Path, Neptune's Might, The Path of
Corruption, and Spirit Thaumaturgy. The Path of Technomancy is also acceptable. Any paths from the Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumturgy are supposed to be typically Tremere only, with some Giovanni access to a few of those paths. Most outside Clan Tremere wouldn't let outsiders learn their powers, let alone, a Sabbat Kindred. If a Tremere Antitribu catches you using Thaumaturgy and has reason to believe you shouldn't have it, they're within their rights to nuke you seven ways to Sunday if they think you stole their power without their say so. It's good to be the Mage.

Also. Anyone who is *not* a True Brujah, or has Black Hand connections, that uses Temporis above level 2 or 3, will be beaten. Period. Even the books themselves state that Brujah do not share this art with 'anyone', unless there is good reason. "Because My character wants it", does not compute. You've been forewarned. We will impose the typical penalties of staking Temporis powers one atop the other, upon those who decide its absolutely necessary. This also applies to any non Tzimise using Koldunism. If you don't like this rule, don't bother entering.

6. Breed Limitations, restrictions, and general information. Avatars of Incarna, Celestines, Gods, and Demigods are forbidden. We say this because most, emphasis upon the most, people cannot properly portray characters of high ranking and power, without powerhousing. As such, its best to simply not allow any of them in.

Daemons/Angels - If your going to be a Daemon, keep a vessel that is either vampiric, or a mage. And *don't* reveal your true nature. The same rules that applies to Vampires, applies to Daemons. Daemon Barons, Princes, etc. Should spend as little time around as possible, unless they're going to be in the direct politics, and if they're not that powerful, they don't need to be, obviously. Angels are the same. Unless you have a damned good reason to be here, you aren't here.

Mages - But try not to have more then one Sphere at 5+. 3 Spheres or more, at 5 or over, would make you an Archmage, and what are you doing outside of Horizon anyway? Nephandi. As few as possible, but we won't disallow them. Same sphere rules apply. Marauders. Again, as few high magics as possible, and don't make their Quiet so bad they rip the Umbra apart. And just so you know, if you use Vulgar magic, yes, you will be eating Paradox until you shit small dustbunnies for a month.

Garou - Our knowledge of the Garou is minimal at best, though we're working on getting more detailed information. We'll lay out the same rules as everything else. No high Elders of your Tribe, etc, whatever. We're not as informed about the vocabulary and terms for the W:tA system to say for sure. But as powerful as they are, we want as few of them in our city as possible.  We're not disallowing the play of Garou, however, go easy on the killing, and shredding. This is a room based on politics in the WoD, not just to see who can kill who.

Dead/Obscure Clans: Lamia, Lhiannon, Laibon, Bushi, Gaki, Children of Osiris, True Brujah, other such 'True Clans etc. If you want to play one of the dead, or forgotten bloodlines, run the idea by Me, why you want to, how they'd fit in, why they survived, etc. If you can make them fit well into the storyline, we'll bend the "This clan is dead" Rule. I believe in some flexibility, though excess, in this case, isn't best. We also acknowledge the "created" clans from B.J. Zanzibar's page, if they're reasonable, and their arts aren't super hyped. Refer also to the Generational and Discipline limitations stated above, similar rules apply.

Wraiths - We know very little about the Wraith the Oblivion system, and little to nothing about the powers they use. We'd appreciate, if you plan on playing a wraith character, getting me some type of information. Stick within their limitations, the same as any other system.

Kuei Jin - Kuei Jin in Detroit? Possibly as infiltrators into Kindred society, but they'd be rare. If your only character you happen to have is an Eastern Kindred. Then you go ahead and play it. But just as with the others, no Ahrats or Bodhittsavas, please. Or other high super level things, keep your list to a minimum of 5 or 6, and again, as previously stated, your characters Dharma level cannot go above 4-5.

Hunters - Those from the H:tR are allowed, but the same rules apply. Keep your Edges to the minimum for a low to mid-level character. High level hunters tend to attract attention and no Hunter can fight an entire city of Kindred by him/herself. Hunters make better plot snags then actual characters.

Changelings/Fae - Our knowledge on Changeling and Fae, at the moment, is limited. Don't powerhouse, that's all we ask.

Mythical Creatures - This is a modern day city. You better have a damned good reason to be asking to play a mythical creature. No Dragon/Vampire hybrids, either, unless there's a plausible reason for it.

Ghouls and Mortals - Standard rules apply. Revenants are welcome. If you're a ghoul, or a mortal, don't expect it to be sunshine and roses. The World of Darkness is a harsh one. Mortals are food. Ghouls are usually nothing more then work horses. This is, after all, the Sabbat we're talking about. If you play a Ghoul, your going to get treated like one. Expect abuse, to the ninth degree.

Slaves - If you want to play a slave. Cool. They exist in the real world. Its generally called BDSM. Forced slaves, are illegal. Thats a Gorean concept. We also want to see NO reference to a slave as 'this girl', 'this one', or 'may she'. This is a mirror of the real world. If you want to play a Domination/submission type relationship, go for it. If you want to walk your pet around on a leash, in leather and lace. Cool, more power to you both. Thats a part of life. Anyone who doesn't like this type of thing. Theres either a very handy ignore button, or don't bother coming in. Bottom line. Play what makes you happy, and do what you like, within reason.

There *are* daylight hours in this city. It goes along with real time, and keeps time with the actual timezones r/t. If you're a vampire, and you come out to play during the day, you're either going to be so sluggish you can't move, or you're going to end up roasted. If important events are roleplayed in the room, majoy things, like large battles, death of an elder,  Pack War, etc. Please document this completely, upload it onto a webpage, and post the link to the City Message Board, or e-mail the link to one of the storytellers.. We'll then look it over, determine how events occured, and place it, in story form, on the message board, as an 'article' if it holds impact on the city, in the way of both Kindred, and Kine documentation. (Newsletter, newspaper, etc.)

We'd prefer to keep this as close and true to the Word of Darkness format as possible. If its a major citywide roleplay, please please please talk to Us first. Anything huge that happens will be disregarded until it gets an okay. Sorry folks.

Final Rules: All cross systeming is forbidden. This includes AD&D, Rifts, Shadowrun, GURPs, Warhammer, etc. I hate to be the one who tells you no. But. No. This room was designed to be a roleplay room. Don't come in, in an extravagantly powered character, and expect it to fly. We would prefer characters be at starting level, but allowances will be made for people with well detailed sheets, who prove themselves capable of handling their characters well. This will be on a mostly White Wolf BASIS only. With room for expansion on the basic tenets of that system. Make your own disciplines, spells, gifts, arts, arcanoi, edges, etc. But make them realistic to the system formats. Free form races, and powers need some kind of documented backing, in order to be used here. Storyteller discrection will be used.

Restricted Species

Nephandi - No Nephandi may exceed the fourth level of any and all Spheres. This means no Nephandi Arch Magi either. The Nephandi mage, in all aspects, are a bit too powerful. Any Nephandi not complying with this rule, will be disallowed from playing.
Werewolf - Certain powers a werewolf possess, are too strong for a generalized roleplay such as what occurs in this room. Storyteller discretion will be used.
Mummy - Due to the overly old nature of a Mummy, these will be rare, as in, one, perhaps two allowed in roleplay at any given time. Also, certain powers will be disallowed, this will be at Storyteller discretion.
KotE - Kindred of the East. Because of the source of power that these creatures are able to access, they're exceedingly strong. No KotE character will be allowed to access a Dharma level higher then 4-5, and even that is left up to the Storyteller, as powers over that make them near ridiculious.
Angels/Demons - Angels and Demons don't take as large a part in the World of Darkness as other races, and it would be preferred if they're NPC's only, however, if you want to play a Demon, or Angel, there needs to be a damned good reason as to why, supporting your claim, in your written history.

Banned Species

Because of the stregnth of these creatures, they've been disallowed from normal play in the room, except in the case of a NPC character by use of one of the Storytellers.

Hybrid Races

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