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White Wolf
The White Wolf Website, very good place to start,
contains some excellent things in their download section. The White Wolf site also has an online dice roller where you enter your name, and it rolls the dice, to ensure that if there is any dispute, the rolls are done completely fairly.

Compendium Library
Dischord's website, contains a good deal of information as well as additional powers, and things that might not be listed on this site.

Bastet of the Apocalypse
An excellent place to find good resources on the Bastet, as well as a detailed guide for the character creation process.

Mage Online
Link Coming Soon

B J Zanzibar
A very very excellent website with tons of free form information written up into White Wolf format, anything from here to be used in the room has to meet with storyteller approval beforehand.


Dice Roller
The dice roller most commonly recommended for use in the room, found to be the simplest one so far.

Corax Character Sheet
The Corax Character Sheet in Notepad Format

Mortal Character Sheet
Mortal Character Sheet in Document Format

Vampire Character Sheet
Vampire Character Sheet in Document Format

Mage Character Sheet
Mage Character Sheet in Document Format

This Page Will Be Updated Soon

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