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Name: Okita Iriomote Nature: Conformist Age: 22
Player: Heddy Demeanor: Child Sex: Male
Chronicle: Detroit Residence: Chinatown Apt Concept: Store Clerk/Drug Dealer
- Attributes -
Physical Social Mental
Strength: Charisma: Perception:
Dexterity: Manipulation: Intelligence:
Stamina: Appearance: Wits:
- Abilities -
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness: Animal Ken: Academics: 
Athletics: Crafts(Herbology): Computer: 
Brawl: Drive: Finance: 
Dodge: Etiquette: Investigation: 
Empathy: Firearms:  Law: 
Expression: Melee: Linguistics:
Intimidation:  Performance: Medicine:
Leadership:  Security:  Occult:
Streetwise:   Stealth:  Politics: 
Subterfuge:  Survival: Science: 
- Advantages -
Backgrounds Other Traits Virtues
Contacts: Conscience:
Influence: Self-Control:
Resources: Courage:
Merits/Flaws Humanity/Path Health
Weak-Willed Bruised
Soft-Hearted Hurt -1
Injured -1
Medium Wounded -2
Mauled -2
  Crippled -5
General Information
Hair: Brown Height: 5'3"
Eyes: Brown Weight: 100
Date of Birth: Nationality: Japanese
Okita is short, lanky and carries the air of a simpleton, a classification enforced by his wide grin and naive set of expressions and mannerisms. He dresses in cool colours and eye-catching patterns like thick stripes and is always casual, if a bit /too/ casual in his dress. His hair is teased and dyed a thousand times over, but retains the look of someone who is laid back or possibly lazy.
   Okita, born and raised middle-class Japanese, immigrated illegally to the United States when his family's herb shop was shut down on false pretenses of drug trafficking and his Father mysteriously went missing, leaving his mother and sister in poverty. Upon arriving in Detroit he acquired a low-pay job at a similar shop to his own in China town there. This one, in one of life's cruel jokes, required that he sell the exact drugs that had been mentioned in the false accusation of his family. Despite severely negative moral reactions and the constant feeling of guilt, Okita continues with the less-than-wholesome profession in order to send money back home to his family and because he is spread so thin  he leads a poor, unhappy and very unfulfilling life. His natural need to impress those around him leaves him constantly smiling and often acting far below his intelligence so as to never hint at his actual feelings, lifestyle and constantly nagging conscience.

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