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Name: Markus Malfeas Delamorte Nature: Director Breed: Homid
Player: PJ Demeanor: Alpha Auspice: Ahroun
Chronicle: Detroit Rank: Athro Tribe: Shadow Lords
- Attributes -
Physical Social Mental
Strength: Charisma: Perception:
Dexterity: Manipulation: Intelligence:
Stamina: Appearance: Wits:
- Abilities -
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness: Animal Ken: Computer:
Athletics: Drive: Enigmas:
Brawl: Etiquette: Investigation:  
Dodge: Firearms: Law:
Empathy: Leadership: Linguistics:
Expression: Melee:  Medicine:
Intimidation: Performance: Occult:
Primal-Urge: Repair: Politics:
Streetwise: Stealth: Rituals:
Subterfuge: Survival: Science:
Secondary Abilities
Accounting: Fast Draw:
Area Knowledge:  Heavy Weapons:
Blind Fighting: Interrogation:
Camouflage: Public Speaking:
Climbing: Scan:
Computer Hacking: Search:
Debate: Seduction:
Demolitions: Sense Deception:
Economics: Style:
Empathy: Swimming:
Persuasion (1) Smell of Man (1) Jam Technology (2)
Staredown ( 2) Disquiet (3) Reshape Object (3)
Cocoon (4) Spirit Ward (4) Assimilation (5)
Part the Veil (5) Inspiration (1) Razor Claws (1)
The Falling Touch (1) Sense Silver (2) Spirit of the Fray (2)
True Fear (2) Heart of Fury (3) Silver Claws (3)
Clenched Jaw (4) Stoking Fury's Furnace (4) Kiss of Helios (5)
Strength of Will (5) Fatal Flaw (1)  Aura of Confidence (1)
Clap of Thunder (2) Luna's Armor (2) Icy Chill of Despair (3)
Paralyzing Stare (3) Open Wounds (4) Strength of the Dominator (4)
Obedience (5) Shadow Pack (5)
- Advantages -
Backgrounds Renown Merits
Allies: Glory: Berserker
Contacts: Iron Will
Fetish: Honor: Reputation
Kinfolk: Vampire Companion
Mentor: Wisdom: Police Ties
Past-Life: Politics Ties
Pure-Breed: Corporation CEO
Resources: Jupiter Rising
Flaws Rage Health
Short-Fuse Bruised
Overconfident Hurt -1
Injured -1
Ward Wounded -2
Twisted Upbringing Mauled -2
Taint of Corruption  Gnosis Crippled -5
Strict Carnovore Incapacitated
Merury Descending
General Information
Hair: Height:
Eyes: Weight:
Date of Birth:  Nationality:
   The late 1879 Markus Malfeas was born to Maximus and Luvial Malfeas. He was raised to the best of his parents abilities and well that was the good life. He went to the best schools, and was trained in many ways to fight and be a man of honor. But all this training and schooling was fitting into his head a better way then the way of good. At a early age Markus underwent his first transformation and Awoken in the streets of his home city, everyone in the town was dead. Markus under went a 5 day killing spree before his body reverted back to its normal state. Few days later A pack of the Shadow Lords found him in the city on a make shift thrown. When they approached him and asked him why he was doing it he answerd "I have taken the city." The tribe took him under his wing after explaining. He grew well there and trained like hell then at the age of 18 battled the alpha, and ate his heart. After taken the head of the pack he decided to fuck the mission of gaia. This of course was ment with lots of slack but thoughs who didnt agree were slaughterd by him. After the civil war in his tribe ended he was givin the Name King Of The Dead. His pack followed his rule as he went on a viglanty mission agaisnt the wyrm. This like many times before lead him into the heart of The Malfeas where he got his name. The tribe willingly walked the black spiral and came out twisted. Markus walked this path time and time again the horrors in the shadows seemed to sooth his soul. And twisted mentalty he earned was the thrill of death. The pack went along raising hell among the garou people. Slaughtering those who didnt even have a chance to fight back taking prisioner making them walk the black spiral his Hive grew in numbers and he sat on the thrown just happy as could be. Then he ment the end to his ways, Jonquil River Delamora. He fell inlove with her the moment he set eyes on her. him and a few others set out to be her servents for whatever she wanted out of love for her. One day they were jumped and Markus was slayed in a battle against attacking Get Of Fernis. As he lay there bleeding and dieing his love knowing what it would do to him embraced him. For years he lay there dorment and in a state of pure insanity intill one day a Mage threated by death, was forced to fix his mind and allow him to retain his sanity again. And so was born the first Vampirc Black Spiral Dancer. So now bound by love and pain to his lovely Jonquil River Delamora. 

- fade back -