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Magenta Marie Derahk
Autist/Thrill Seeker/ Deviant
Demeanor: Cavalier/Bon Vivant/Monster Sex: 
Student/Cleaner/Serial Killer
- Attributes -
Physical Social Mental
Strength: Charisma: Perception:
Dexterity: Manipulation: Intelligence:
Stamina: Appearance: Wits:
- Abilities -
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness: Drive: Investigation:
Athletics: Firearms: Law:
Brawl: Melee: Medicine:
Dodge: Stealth: Occult:
Streetwise: Survival:
- Advantages -
Backgrounds Arts Other Traits
Merits/Flaws Humanity Health
Concentration Bruised
Eidetic Memory Hurt -1
Iron Will
Injured -1
Acute Vision Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Amnesia   Crippled -5
Dark Secret Incapacitated
Phobia (mild) - Bees
Derangement: A compulsive need to kill on a regular basis
General Information
Hair: Brown Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Brown Weight: 120 lbs.
Date of Birth: 2-1-1982  Nationality: Caucasian/American
   Shoulder length black hair, usually wears clothes very flattering to her figure. Half the time appears to be a normal, sweet, all-american girl. Other half of the time, a fetish freak with a penchant for anything it clothing, make-up, or causing bruises on the flesh of others that are so bad, they're black. Always has a smile on her face, and if she doesn''re in big trouble.
      Born native of Detroit, Michigan to a Mary Ann and Peter Thomas Derahk, had an older sister named Margo Ann Derahk who was recently dredged out of the Rouge River. At the age of six, Magenta developed an alternate personality due to a traumatic episode she nor anyone else can remember, but said personality remained dorment until she turned sixteen, at which time it assumed complete control of her psyche. She ran away from home until the age of nineteen, and has no recollection of any events aside from when she had awoken in a strange place she had never been, covered in blood, and surrounded by several bodies of people she had no recollection of meeting before who had perished due to sevear lacerations and multiple stab wounds. Only able to remember bits and pieces of this incident, she realizes that her dual personality must inevatably be a serial killer, but instead of seeking professional help, she decided to go along with it, as she had sociopathic tendancies to begin with. The acceptance of this horrific nature causes her mind to fuse back together, althought she has had episodes where she does things she cannot remember, and she finds herself compelled to kill upon a regular basis. What better way to do what you are compelled to do than turn it into a profession? But now, she hunts her sister's murder...whomever, or whatever they could possibly be, due to the fact the body appeared to be ripped to pieces. She only prays that she was not responsible, as she has no memory of the night her sister disappeared.

- fade back -