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Name: Edana Isolde Nature: Celebrant Generation: 7th/6th(hidden)
Player: Dischord Demeanor: Visionary Haven: Art Studio
Chronicle: Detroit Clan: Toreador Concept: Intellect/Writer
- Attributes -
Physical Social Mental
Strength: Charisma: Perception:
Dexterity: Manipulation: Intelligence:
Stamina: Appearance: Wits:
- Abilities -
Talents Skills Knowledges
Acting: Crafts: Academics: 
Alertness: Demolitions: Camarilla Lore:
Athletics: Drive: Clan Knowledge:
Brawl: Etiquette: Computer:
Dodge: Firearms: Finance:
Empathy: Martial Arts: Investigation:
Expressio: Music: Law:
Grace: Melee: Linguistics:
Leadership: Performance: Medicine:
Streetwise: Stealth: Occult:
Subterfuge: Survival: Politics:
- Advantages -
Backgrounds Disciplines Virtues
Allies: Auspex: Conscience/Conviction:
Contacts: Celerity: Self-Control/Instinct:
Generation: Dominate: Courage:
Influence: Fortitude:
Resources:   Melpominee:
Status: Potence:
Merits/Flaws Humanity/Path Health
Blush of Health  Bruised
Eat Food Hurt -1
Injured -1
Coldly Logical Wounded -2
Useful Knowledge  Mauled -2
Crippled -5
Hidden Diablerie  Incapacitated
Dark Secret 
General Information
Age: 35 Eyes: Sea Green
Apparent Age: 24 Height: 5'6"
Date of Birth: 09-17-1968 Weight: 127
Date of Death: 08-23-1987 Nationality: Caucasian
Hair: Red Sex: Female
A woman of suitable stature, and not overly large build, Edana, once known as Crystal Donovan, wears only the best of clothing. Well, the best on her own self limited budget. Seen usual in silk, vinyl, or tight leather, she keeps her figure well under wraps, and retains a feral look, even despite her beautiful appearance.
  Crystal Donovan grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois. She was a avid nature lover and kept a garden through most of her youth. She whizzed through school with a a/b grade average as a Honor Roll student, and never made less then a A in English and Literature. Crystal spent most of her time at home studying, and working on short stories and poems, which seemed to be her main hobby. Crys worked a part time job at her Mothers gift shop from the ages of 16-18, but had always traveled with her to do craft shows. She was a shy quiet person, unless necessity, such as working the counter or mingling among customers called for it. She dropped out of High School early to help care for her elderly grandfather, who'd moved in with her family and their two cats. She took her GED, and passed with flying colors. Earning a scholarship for her essay and over 350 score on the test, she left her family behind and moved to upstate Illinois to attend college. 

   While there she met a young male during a party in the dorm that she'd tried to avoid. After a couple of drinks he coaxed her into dancing, finally, in her drunken state, convincing her outside and isolated. She looked up at him through wide green eyes, as his fangs sank into her throat, at 5'6, Crystal was a petite girl, and undersized compared to this man of his own dark beauty. She felt her life slipping away from her, tears sliding down her face, though she was powerless to call out. Everything went dark, and her eyes closed, as she felt the trickle of something warm across her lips, her tounge sliding across it, grimacing bitterly at the taste, realizing that with that small lick, her heart had started to beat again. Crystal latched her fangs into the wrist of the young man standing over her, drinking ravenously, only to have him pull his wrist back with a dark laugh. She was no longer drunk, but felt a insatiable hunger pouring through her belly. 

   Angered, and in a frenzy, Crystal leapt for the man, snarling, throwing him, in a fit of strenght that caught the man offguard, into the wall, tearing his throat from his body, and drinking the rich red blood that flowed from his throat, until he seemed little more then a lifeless husk, she fell back, once her anger had subsided, and found herself covered in blood, horrified, she fled, running off into the woods that were near the university dorm, not stopping until she came out in a town a just the other side of the woods. Crystal stayed, cowering, curled up, and still coated in blood, waiting, she watched the sunrise for the very last time that night. When a dark stranger had condemmed her to a life in the shadows, with a single eternal kiss. Muffling her screams of pain, she fled into the depths of the woods, hiding from the suns burning hot rays, waiting for darkness to once more slip in and give her the safety of the shadows to hide in. 

   Returning by nightfall and retrieving the few things she cared for, her laptop, the few disks that held her stories and poetry, a picture of her family and her clothing, Crystal left Illinois, and headed as far away as possible, traveling via hitchhiking, and scraping money together where she could, finally making it to, and finding herself in San Diego California. She'd been checking her e-mail whenever she could, and discovered her first book, 'Romance under the Moonlight' had hit the best seller list. She'd been given instructions to get ahold of her publisher and did so. With the profit from her first book, she managed to buy an apartment, and move in and get settled. She has been living in San Diego ever since. During this time she'd found a Toreador willing to teach her, recognizing her as blood, and she'd begun to learn of what she was and how to survive. She's just completed her second book, 'Tears from a Rose' just a few months ago, and is now working on a third novel, Beneath a Blood Moon.

   Time progressed, and after her acceptance into San Diego, as a memeber of the Camarilla, she began to become defiant, her willful nature coming to the surface, as well as her talent with accents. Slowly, she began to stray from the path of the Camarilla, into the grasping hands of the Sabbat, where, after making a deal with a Tzimscie Scion, her physical appearance was changed, as was her nature, and general attitude, her field of art, and her desire for power. It grew, but she denied it for as long as she could, before finally, with a talisman from a Tremere who favored her 'work' with a blade to flesh, for his experiments, she set off into the world of the night. Previously a Priomgen in San Diego, she recently took flight to Detroit after the rumors of the crumbling of their internal Sabbat ruling. Playing both sides of the fence, she favors neither one, nor the other too heavily, as the woman, Edana Isolde.

- fade back -