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Name: Casey O'Toole Nature: Caregiver Sex: 34
Player: Somniac Kiss Demeanor: Trickster Age: Male
Chronicle: Detroit Residence: Velvet Cellar Concept: Bartender
- Attributes -
Physical Social Mental
Strength: Charisma: Perception:
Dexterity: Manipulation: Intelligence:
Stamina: Appearance: Wits:
- Abilities -
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness: Animal Ken: Academics: 
Athletics: Crafts(Mixology): Computer: 
Brawl: Drive: Finance:
Dodge: Etiquette: Investigation: 
Empathy: Firearms: Law:
Expression: Melee:  Linguistics: 
Intimidation: Performance: Medicine: 
Leadership: Security: Occult:
Streetwise: Stealth: Politics:
Subterfuge: Survival:  Science: 
- Advantages -
Backgrounds Other Traits Virtues
Allies: Conscience:
Contacts: Self-Control:
Resources: Courage:
Merits/Flaws Humanity Health
Phobia (Komodo Dragons) Bruised
Addiction/Caffeine Hurt -1
Calm Heart
Injured -1
Enchanting Voice Wounded -2
Magic Resistance Mauled -2
Common Sense   Crippled -5
Catlike Balance Incapacitated
Light Sleeper
General Information
Hair: Red Height: 6'4"
Eyes: Green Weight: 160
Date of Birth: August 7th, 1968 Nationality: Irish-American
   Lanky, fluid, sometimes dressed businessman-sharp and sometimes dressed like a slob, with an almost  constant bedhead shock of red hair.  His appearance, movement flow and mannerisms are almost an exact match to Cowboy Bebop's Spike Spiegel.

- fade back -