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Double Jointed (1-pt. Merit):
You are unusally supple.Reduce the difficulty of any Dexterity roll involving body flexability by two. Squeezing through a tiny space is one example of a use for this Merit.

Acute Senses (1-pt. Merit):
One of your senses is exceptionally sharp, be it sight, hearing, smell, touch, or taste. The difficulties for all tasks involving the use of this particular sense are reduced by two. This Merit can be combined with the Discipline, Auspex, to produce superhuman sensory acuity.

Ambidextrous (1-pt. Merit):
You have a high degree of off-hand dexterity and can perform task with the 'wrong' hand at no penalty. You must still use the rules for taking multiple actions, but will not suffer a difficulty penalty if, say, you use two weapons or are forced to use your off hand.

Dexterious Toes (1-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Sluagh):
Hands tied? Too many things to hold? Not to worry, with Dexterious Toes you can work equally well with hands or your feet. A sluagh with this Merit can do anything she can do with her hands (fire a gun, draw, play a musical instrument, ect.) just as well with her feet. Of course a Sluagh carting items with her toes would be unable to walk.

Eat Food (1-pt. Merit):
You have the capacity to eat food and even savor it's taste. While you cannot derive any nourishment from eating regular foods, this ability will serve you well in maintaining the Masquerade. Of course, you can't digest what you eat, and there will be some point dirng the evening when you must force yourself to heave it back up.

Catlike Balance (1-pt. Merit):
You possess an innately perfect sense of balance. Character with this Merit reduce difficulties of all balance-related rolls (e.g., Dexterity + Athletics to walk along a narrow ledge.) by two.

Blush Of Health (2-pt. Merit):
You look more hale and healthy in appearance than other vampires, allowing you to blend in with human society much more easily. You still retain a color of a living mortal, and your skin feels only slightly cool to the touch.

Baby Face (2-pt. Merit):
You look more human than other vampires, enabling you to fit in the human world much more easily. Your skin is pink, you never really stopped breathing (even though you don't need to), and even sneezing comes naturally. You can make your heart beat as long as you have at least one Blood Point. This Merit cannot be taken by Nosferatu.

Misplaced Heart (2-pt. Merit):
Your heart has actually been moved within your body, though no more than two feet from it's original position near the middle of your chest. Those who attempt to stake you find it very difficult to find the right location (which should be your most tightly guarded secret.)

Enchating Voice (2-pt. Merit):
There is something about your voice that others cannot ignore. When you command, they are cowed. When you seduce, they swoon. Whether thunderous, gentle, persuading or simply talking, your voice commands attention. The difficulties of all die rolls involving the use of the voice to persuade, charm or command are reduced by two.

Tunnel Vision (2-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Nockers):

Most Nockers are adept at working under low light and in poor visibility conditions, but you have inherited a gift from the original Goblin Miners. You can see in absolute darkness as though it were daylight; you suffer no vision penalities under such conditions. You can also see better than most in fog, mists and other situations where visibility is obscured. The difficulties of your Perception rolls are never increased by more than one when vision is obscured by fog or mist.

Daredevil (3-pt. Merit):
You are good at taking risk, and even better at surviving them. When attempting exceptionally risky actions (such as leaping from one moving car to another), characters with this Merit add an additional three dice to their rolls, and negate a single botch die that may result from such a roll. Generally, such actions must be at least difficulty 8 and have the potential to inflict at least three levels of damamge if failed.

Nightsight (3-pt. Merit):
Night blinds many eyes, but not yours. Reguardless of the lighting conditions, your eyes adjust automattically, so that you can see equally well at high noon or midnight. The adjustment is instantanious, so that if you are standing in a dark room and someone lights a candle, you are not blinded.

Efficient Digestion (3-pt. Merit):

You are able to draw more than the usual amount of nourishment from blood. When feeding, you gain an additional point to  your blood pool for every two points of blood you consume.

Speedy Hammer (3-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Nockers):
You are a fast and talented worker, even for your kith. When building or repairing something, the difficulty of your craft roll is reduced by one. Additionally, you require one to three fewer successes on any extended rolls required when working on large or complex projects. This Merit also reduces difficulties of all Mining rolls by two.

Prehensile Tounge (3-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Sluagh):

One thing that has earned the Sluagh a far worse reputation than perhaps they deserve, the Prehensile Tounge is something that comes in handy when one has no free hands. Essentually, your tounge is another limb, able to reach upto two feet away from your mouth in order to grasp and weild objects. While a Prehensile Tounge doesn't make for the best of weapons, it can still be used for a poke in the eye or a revolting slap. (Player must make a Stamina Roll, difficulty 6, if their characters are touched by the Prehensile Tounge; failure leaves the character overcome with sheer disgust for a turn.)
In order for a Sluagh to use a Prehensile Tounge to pick something up or something else along those lines, the player must roll Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 7). A success indicates that the Sluagh is in full control of his extra limb and need not check again this scene if he can use it. A failure indicates that the specific attempt fails; a botch leaves the protruding tounge hanging disgustingly limp down the character's front.

Fly Fingers (4-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Sluagh):
In your fae seeming, your fingers end in suction cups akin to those of a fly. You are capable of climbing sheer walls, hanging upside down from ceilings, and otherwise defying gravity as long as you have something to hold onto. (The player must make a Dexterity + Athletics roll). The fingers in question cannot be gloved in order for Fly Fingers to work. The toes of a Sluagh with this Merit are similarly affected, though the fingers alone are enough to support a Changeling's weight.

Huge Size (4-pt. Merit):
You are abnormally large in size, at least 6'10", and 300 pounds in weight. Aside from making you extreamly noticeable in public, this extra mass bestows an additional Bruised health level. Characters with this Merit may also gain bonuses to push objects, open barred doors, avoid being knocked down, ect.

Work With Iron (5-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Nockers):
Most Nockers cannot abide by the touch of Iron in any way, but your skin is resistant to it's bite for some reason. This ability allows you to work in many real world situations, and other Nockers envy you, although they consider your condition somewhat suspect. This Merit is essentially the same as Iron Resistance, however, not only are you immune to Iron, but your Chimerical creations are similarily resistant.


Common Sense (1-pt. Merit):
You have a significant amount of practical, everyday wisdom. Whenever the character is about to act in a way contrary to common sense, the Storyteller can make suggestions or warnings about the implications of said action. This is a very useful Merit to give to beginning players unfamiliar with the game.

Concentration (1-pt. Merit):
You have the abilitiy to focus your mind and shut out any distractions or annoyances. Characters with this Merit are unaffected by any penalties stemming from distracting circumstances (e.g., loud noises, strobe lights, hanging upside down).

Computer Aptitude (1-pt. Merit):
You have a natural affinity with computers, so the difficulties of all rolls to repair, construct or operate them are two less.

Crack Driver (1-pt. Merit):
You have a natural affinity with driving motorized wheeled vehicles, such as cars, 18-wheelers and even tractors. The difficulties of all rolls requiring risky or especially difficults driving maneuvers are two less.

Higher Purpose (1-pt. Merit):
You have a goal that drives and directs you in every thing. You do not concern yourself with petty matters and casual concerns, because your higher purpose is everything Though you may sometimes be driven by this purpose and find yourself forced to behave in ways contrary to the need of personal survival, it can also grant you great persona strength. You gain two extra dice on all rolls that have anything to do with this higher purpose. You need to decide what your higher purpose is. Make sure you talk it over with the Storyteller first. (If you have the Flaw Driving Goal below you cannot take this Merit )

Lightning Calculator (1-pt. Merit):
You have a natural affinity with numbers and a talent for mental arithmetic, making you a natural when working with computers or betting at the racetracks. The difficulties of all relevant rolls are decreased by two. Another possible use for this ability, assuming you have numbers on which to base your conclusions, is the ability to calculate the difficulty of certain task. In appropriate situations, you may ask the Storyteller the difficulty of certain task you are about to perform.

Mechanical Aptitude (1-pt. Merit):
You are naturally adept with all kinds of mechanical devices (note that this aptitude does not extend to electronic devices such as computers). The difficulties of all dice rolls to understand, repair or operate any kind of mechanical device are two less. However, this Merit doesn't help you drive any sort of vehicle.

Time Sense (1-pt. Merit):
You have an innate sense of time and are able to estimate the passage of time accurately without using a watch or other mechanical device.

Code of Honor (2-pt. Merit):
You have a personal code of ethics to which you adhere. The specifics of this code must be worked out with the Storyteller prior to play, and the character must follow it strictly. Characters with this Merit gain two addictional disc to all Willpower or Virtue rolls when acting in accordance with their code. (e.g., defending the helpless) or when attempting to avoid situations that might force them to violate their code.

Berserker (2-pt. Merit):
The Beast is in you, but you know how to direct and make use of it. You have the capacity to frenzy at will, and are thus able to ignore your wound penalties. However, you must pay the consequences of your actions while in frenzy just as you normally would. Your chance of entering an unwilling frenzy is also unaffected.

Dual Nature (2-pt. Merit):
You have two distinct Natures, both of which have an influence on your personality and behavior. When you pick these Natures, be careful to choose Archetypes that are   somewhat compatible. Dual Nature does not mean schizophrenia (that is a Derangement). This Merit allows you to regain Willpower using both Natures. You may still choose a Demeanor, and it can be as different from the character' Natures as the player desires.

Danger Sense (2-pt. Merit):
You have a sixth sense that warns you of danger. When you are in danger, the Storyteller should make a secret roll against your Perception+Alertness (or Awareness if the character possesses it); the difficulty depends on the remoteness of the danger. If the roll succeeds, the Storyteller tells you that you have a sense of foreboding. Multiple successes may refine the feeling and give an indication of direction, distance, or nature. This Merit is more reliable and specific than Level One Auspex power; the two can be combined to create an even more potent warning system.

Eidetic Memory (2-pt. Merit):
You remember, with perfect detail, things seen and heard. Documents, photographs, conversations, ect., can be commited to memory with only minor concentration. Under stressful conditions involving numerous distractions, you must make Perception + Alertness roll (difficult 6) to summon enough concentration to absorb what your senses detect.

Light Sleeper (2-pt. Merit):
You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. You may ignore rules reguarding how Humanity/Path restricts the number of dice available during the day.

Natural Linguist (2-pt. Merit):
You have a flair for languages. This Merit does not allow you to learn more languages than what are permitted by your Linguistics score, but you may add three dice to any Dice pool involving written or spoken languages.

Calm Heart (3-pt. Merit):
You are naturally calm and do not easily fly off the handle. You receive two extra dice when attempting to resist a frenzy. Brujah may not take this Trait.

Iron Will (3-pt. Merit):
When you are determined and your mind is set, nothing can thwart you from your goals. When you are affected by a Dominate power, you may spend a point of Willpower to shake off the effects of any mind-altering magic, spell or Thaumaturgy path. This Merit does not affect Presence or other powers dealing with emotions.

Jack-Of-All-Trades (5-pt. Merit):
You have a large pool of miscellaneous skills and knowledge obtained through your extensive travels, the jobs you've held, or just all around know-how. You automatically have one dot in all Skill and Knowledge Dice Pools. This is an illusory level, used only to simulate a wide range of abilities. If the character trains or spends experience in the Skill or Knowledge, he must first buy one dot, then two, ect. as if he had no dot in it.

Self-Confident (5-pt. Merit):
When you spend a point of Willpower to gain an automattic success, your self-confidence may allow you to gain the benefit of that expenditure without actually using losing the Willpower point. You do not lose the point when you spend it, unless you end the roll with only one success, i.e - you do not gain any additional successes from the dice you roll. This Merit may only be used when you need confidence in your abilities in order to succeed. This means you can only use it when the difficulty of your role is six or higher. You may spend Willpower at other times; however, if the difficulty is five or less, the Willpower will be spent no matter what you roll.


Boon ( 1-3 pt Merit):
An elder owes you a favor because of something either you or your sire once did for him. The extent of the boon owed to you depends on how many points you spend. One point would indicate a relatively minor boon, while three points would indicate that the elder probably owes you his unlife. See the rules on Prestation for more information.

Prestigious Sire (1-pt. Merit):
Your sire has or had great status in her sect or clan, and this has accorded you with a certain amount of prestige. Though your sire may no longer have any dealings with you, the simple fact of your ancestry has marked you forever. This prestige might aid you greatly in dealings with your elders or other neonates, or it might engender jealousy or contempt.

Natural Leader (1-pt. Merit):
You are gifted with a certain magnetism to which others naturally defer. You recieve two extra dice when making Leadership rolls. You must have a Charisma rating of 3 or greater to purchase this Merit.

Pitiable (1-pt. Merit):
There is something about that others pity. This causes them to care for you as if you were a Child (see Natures and Demeanors). Some Natures will not be affected by this Merit (Autocrat, Deviant, Fanatic, Sycophant), and some Demeanors may pretend they are not. You need to decide what it is about you that attracts such pity, and how much (or little) you like it.

Debt of Gratitude (1-3-pt. Merit):
An elder owes you gratitude beause of something either you or your sire did for her. The depth of gratitude the elder owes you depends on how many points the player wishes to spend. One point might mean the elder owes the character a favor; three points might mean that she owes the character her unlife.

Special Gift ( 1-3 pt. Merit):
Your sire gave you a valuable gift after the Embrace. The Storyteller should create something suitable or choose one item from the Mystical Items list to give to you (though you can 'suggest' something). The Storyteller will decide how much a particular item is worth.

Reputation (2-pt Merit):
You have a good reputation among the Kindred of your chosen city. This may be your own reputation, or it may be derived from your sire. Add three dice to all Dice Pools for social dealings with the city's Kindred. A character with this Merit may not take the Flaw of Notoriety.

Judicial Ties (2-pt Merit):
You have both influence over and contacts in the justice system. You know most of the judges as well as the attorneys in the prosecutor's department, and can affect the progress of various cases and trials with limited difficulty. Though it is difficult to intervene in a case, you can influence it in one direction or another. These ties can also make it easy to acquire search warrants.

Mansion (2-pt. Merit):
You own a large mansion a home with 25 or more rooms, as well as the surrounding estate. The servants, if you have any, are provided for if you choose this Merit, though they cannot be used as Herd or Retainers unless you purchase the appropriate Background. The mansion is assumed to have the most current electronic security available, as well as a fence around the perimeter. While the mansion can be in as poor or as good shape as you wish, the more inhabited it appears to be, the more attention it will garner. A ghost house won't attract IRS audits.

Media Ties (2-pt Merit):
You have both influence over and contacts in the local media. You can suppress and create news stories (though not always with 100 percent efficiency; journalists are an unruly bunch) and you have access to the files and gossip of the staffs of newspapers and TV stations.

Nightclub (2-pt Merit):
You own a moderate-sized nightclub, perhaps one of the hottest nightspots in the city. This club brings in enough money to support you in moderate luxury ($1000 a month, but it can grow), but more important than the money is the prestige. You may use the nightclub as your haven, or you may simply hang out there. The name of the nightclub, its style, design, and its regular patrons are all up to you. Variations on this theme could include: a restaurant, theater, com edy club, sports arena or retail store.

Church Ties  (3-pt Merit):
You have influence and contacts in some local churches, and have the means to create protest rallies and raise money. The more you use your ties, of course, the greater your risk of being found out.

Corporate Ties (3-pt Merit):
You have both influence over and contacts in the local corporate community. You understand the dynamics of money in the city and have links with all the major players. In times of need, you can cause all sorts of financial mayhem, and can raise considerable amounts of money (in form of loans) in a very short period of time.

Clan Friendship (3-pt Merit):

For any number of different reasons; appearance, bearing, background or demeanor, something about you appeals to members of a clan other than your own (your choice ). The difficulties of all rolls related to social dealings with members of this clan are two less. This can be a two-edged sword; you are also marked by others as a sympathizer with that clan, whether you like it (or deny it!) or not.

Pawn (3-pt. Merit):
You can manipulate and have some control over another vampire, one higher generation than yours. Your hold was likely formed through Blood Bond, but can also come from a variety of other sources, such as blackmail, bribes or threats, you make it up. The pawn does not nessicarily know it is being controlled.

Police Ties (3-pt. Merit):
You have both influence over and contacts in the local police department. You can, with a single phone call, cause an APB to be issued. However, the more often you use your ties with the police department, the weaker they become, and the more attention you attract toward yourself. Your influence is not solid (that can be achieved only through game play), and can let you down at times.

Political Ties (3-pt. Merit):
You have both influence over and contacts among the politicians and bureaucrats of the city. In times of need, you can shut off the power and water to a building or neighborhood, and can unleash many different means of harassment against your enemies. The more you use your political ties, the weaker they become. Total control can only be achieved through game play.

Underworld Ties (3-pt. Merit):
You have both influence over and contacts in the local Mafia and organized street gangs. This provides you with limited access to large numbers of "soldiers," as well as extensive links to the underworld of crime. The more often you use your ties with the criminal element, the weaker they grow.

Friend to Spiders/Anthropods (4-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Sluagh):
It was the spiders that the Sluagh first spoke, and so it remains. This relationship in this Merit can be as much of a friendship as it is a business arrangement, but even the Sluagh have their sacrosanct traditions. If you are a Friend to Spiders, you can speak to all manner of creeping, crawling creatures (when a character makes a Perception + Enigmas roll, difficulty 7). While the conversations isn't as much an exchange of plesantries as it is a swap of impressions and images, a tremendous amount of information can be gained from speaking with Spiders in this fashion. Recent passerbyes can be noted, changes in the wind (and what they bare) can be uncovered, and other bits of vital information that might otherwise have passed you by can be gleaned from taking the time to speak with eight legged informants. The number of successes earned can indicate the clarity of information learned.

Dead Friends (4-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Sluagh):
Sluagh have always been able to see, and sometimes, talk to, Wraiths. However, you've gone beyond that sort of casual contact to the point where you've made friends with a few of those that have passed on. They bring you information, spy on your enemies, and generally keep you up-to-date on things no living infomant could ever possibly uncover. Having contacts that can walk through walls can be extreamly useful sometimes. On the other hand, these friends will expect you to do them favors as well, and some of those request can get pretty bizarre. Plus, you never know when your nice Wraith friend is suddenly going to get very nasty for no apparent reason, and he knows where you live...

Corporation CEO (5-pt. Merit):
You have a particular influence and sway over a major corporation and associated companies, just as if you were its chief executive officer. Indeed, you may have owned this company before your Embrace, and retained your control. Through this corporation, you know much that takes place in the corporate community, and have the means to wage economic warfare. This Merit provides you with some informal Contacts and Resources, the exact extent of which are determined by the Storyteller.


Inoffensive to Animals (1-pt. Merit):
Animals do not fear or distrust you the way they do most Kindred. They treat you as they would any mortal and do not shy away from your touch.

Faerie Affinity (2-pt. Merit):
Your presence does not frighten faeries; indeed, it attracts them, and you are naturally attuned to their ways. You are able, unlike most Kindred, to enter Arcadia, the mythical kingdom of the faeries, provided you can find an entrance.

Medium (2-pt. Merit):
You possess the natural affinity to sense and hear spirits, ghosts, and shades. Though you cannot see them, you can sense them, speak to them and, through pleading or cajoling, draw them to your presence. You may call upon them for aid and advice, but there will always be a price.

Magic Resistance (2-pt. Merit):
You have an inherent resistance to the rituals of the Tremere and the spells of the mages of other creeds and orders. The difficulty of all such magic, both malicious and beneficent, is two higher when directed at you. You may never learn the Discipline of Thaumaturgy.

Occult Library (2-pt. Merit):
You possess a library of occult materials, which may include at least one version of The Book of Nod. You are not nessicarily familiar with it's contents and volumes of knowledge (that is a function of your abilities), but in time of need your library can be an invaluable source of research.

Oracular Ability (3-pt. Merit):
You can see and interpret signs and omens. You are able to draw advice from these omens, for they provide hints of the future and warnings of the present. When the Storyteller feels that you are in position to see an omen, you will be required to make a Perception + Occult roll, with the difficulty relative to how well the omen is concealed. If successful, you may then roll Intellegence + Occult to interpret what you have seen, the difficulty again relative to the complexity of the omen.

Spirit Mentor (3-pt. Merit):
You have a ghostly companion and guide. The identity and exact powers of this spirit are upto the Storyteller, but it can be called upon in difficult situations for help and guidance.

Unbondable (3-pt. Merit):
You are immune to being blood bound.

Werewolf Companion (3-pt. Merit):
You have a friend and ally who just happens to be a werewolf. Though you may call upon this being in time of need, it also has the right to call upon you (after all, you are friends). However, neither your kind nor it's appreciate such a relationship, and your respective societies will punish both of you if your friendship is discovered. Arranging for meeting places and methodes of communication will be difficult. The Storyteller will create the werewolf character, but will not reveal to you it's full powers and potencies.

Lucky (3-pt. Merit):
You were born lucky -- or else the Devil looks after his own. Either way, you may repeat any three failed rolls per story, including botches, but you may try only once per failed roll.

Destiny (4-pt Merit):
You have a great destiny, though you may well not realize it. Your destiny will become more and more apparent as the chronicle continues. Prophecies and dreams guide your way, and grant you clues to your ultimate goal. The sense of direction and security granted by this feeling of destiny helps you overcome fear, depression and discouragement caused by anything not relevant to your destiny. Until your destiny is fulfilled, you may suffer setbacks, but nothing will thwart you permanently. How this is played is up the Storyteller.

True Love (4-pt. Merit):
You have discovered, perhaps too late, a true love. He or she is mortal, but is the center of your exsistance, and inspires you when you keep going in a world of darkness and despair. Whenever you suffer, the thought of your true love gives you the strength to perservere. The Merit grants you one automattic success on all Willpower rolls, which can be negated only by a botch die. This can be a great gift and also a hindrance, for your true love may require protection and occasionally rescue.

Puddle (5-pt. Merit) (Kithbook: Sluagh):
As centuries slithered past, the Sluagh slowly lost their ability to assume any form they desired. Gradually they became more and more restricted in the shapes they could assume, eventually being locked in more or less human guise. But not you. With Puddle Merit, you can reduce your form to a flattened pool of goo on the ground, ooze through the smallest cracks and crannies, and pour yourself into containers that shouldn't be able to hold you -- and then assume your proper form no worse for wear. This trick is particularly useful for spies, couriers and assassins. In order for a Sluagh to Puddle, the player must make a Stamina + Athletics roll (difficulty 6). Moving while in Puddle form requires Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 7), while reconstituting takes Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 7). A botch on either of the last two rolls renders the Sluagh an inert quivering mass, easily caught and poured into a container for safe keeping. Failure simply means that the Sluagh must try again.

Charmed Existence (5-pt Merit):
Your unlife is somehow protected, and you do not face the perils that others must. It could be that you are simply lucky. Whatever the reason, you may ignore a single "one" on every roll you make. This makes it far less likely that you will ever botch, and grants you more successes than others obtain.

Guardian Angel (6-pt Merit):
Someone or something watches over you and protects you from harm. You have no idea who or what it is, but you have an idea that someone is looking out for you. In times of great need you may be supernaturally protected. However, one can never count upon a guardian angel. The Storyteller must decide why you are being watched over, and by what (not necessarily an angel, despite the name).

Nine Lives (6-pt. Merit):
Fate has granted you the opportunity to come as close to Final Death as anyone can get and still survive. When a roll occurs that would result in your death, the roll is made again. If the next roll succeeds, then you live --- and one of your nine lives is used up. If that subsequent roll fails, then another reroll is made, until either a successful roll occurs or your nine lives are used up. The Storyteller should keep careful count on how many lives the character has remaining.

True Faith (7-pt. Merit):
You have a deep-seated faith in and love for God, or whatever name you choose to call the Almighty. You begin the game with one point of True Faith, this Trait adds one die per point to all Willpower and Virtue rolls. You must have a Humanity of 9 or higher to choose this Merit, and if you lose even a single point, all your Faith points are lost and may be regained only when the lost Humanity is recovered. Individuals with True Faith are capable of performing magical acts akin to miracles, but the exact nature of those acts are upto the Storyteller.