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Anyone between the ages of 13 and 25 is considered a wilder. Typically, they are rebellious, devious and hedonistic. They are by far the most numerous of the Kithain. Because of this, they often strive to be the leaders of both the Seelie and Unseelie Courts. After all, the childlings are too young, and grumps obviously don't have the energy. What other choice is there?

These wild, young Kithain have lost the naivete of childlings, but they haven't yet succumbed to the cynicism of grumps. Nonetheless, they tend to be arrogant and full of themselves. Known for their daring and adventurous ways, wilders love to be young. Mortal culture fascinates them, especially its creative aspects. Their perspective on creativity becomes more acute, and the Glamour of music, movies or anything on the cutting edge draws them like moths to a chimerical flame. When the fires of creativity consume them,they fully realize what it is to be alive. That flame can sometimes be a little too compelling.

Burnout is a wilder's greatest fear. They don't want to miss a moment of their enchanted existence. After all, growing old brings with it Banality and eventually the Undoing. The most extreme wilders would rather die than lose the memory of what it is to be young and fae.

Living on the edge, wilders follow ambitions that propel them into positions of responsibility without authority. Rebelling out of desperation is the natural response. Those who still hang on to a second mortal life also feel a overwhelming need to escape. Those who don't are consumed by their passion. Either way, wilders live lives filled with constant energy and motion. Chaos and adventure fuels their very essence.

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