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House Liam

The quietest (and some say the wisest) of all the house founders, Lord Liam was exiled to Earth for his eloquent defense of mortal folk. Centuries ago, the earliest Kithain held a great contempt for humans. Many saw them as the cause of rapidly spreading Banality, and some argued that revenge against them would remove this curse from the world. For many years, Liam stood alone against those who argued for retribution against humans. The outrage against Lord Liam was so great that all who supported him were condemned by the High Lords of Arcadia, and his followers were exiled to Earth.

Members of House Liam don't see humans as perfect — far from it. They do, however, believe that humanity has earned the right to exist undisturbed. They fiercely despise Ravaging and Banality; their peaceful demeanors can turn wrathful when they encounter such. Kithain of House Liam do not advertise their allegiance. Other houses revile them, although Gwydion sidhe will not allow Liam sidhe to be mistreated. Exiles or not, they're still sidhe. Despite their secrecy, House Liam is the most widespread house, and its members travel all over the world. Liam sidhe serve as sages, loremasters and storytellers who remember the earliest fae societies.

House Liam can rarely rule openly, but they accept just about any changeling under their banner. Despite this, even the most common changeling would never accept a title in the house. They do quietly hold claim to some territories, but many of these are barren and despoiled urban fiefs.

Liam's blazon was struck and discredited when the house was exiled. The symbol has since been erased from all faerie records, although certain members of Liam still possess shields displaying the heraldry of the house: an oak tree blasted and eradicated, argent. (A silver oak tree with bare branches and exposed roots on a blue field.)

Boon: Liam sidhe find it easy to affect mortals with Glamour. The difficulty to affect any mortal (whether casting a cantrip or enchanting) is   always lowered by one.

Ban: Because of their mortal affiliations, Liam sidhe begin with one extra point of permanent Banality. Furthermore, these sidhe are known as oath-breakers. No other changeling will honor their oathbonds, hospitality or justice. Liam fae are frequently the target of discrimination.

Exile: There was no need to pronounce exile upon House Liam. The silent followers of this fallen house took up the quest to return to Earth when the opportunity presented itself. Once the gates of Arcadia opened, they fled to where they could hide from persecution. The current ruler of this house, High Lord Noman, is a beggar who wanders throughout the world. Each night, he dreams of another member of his house in danger, and he quests in secrecy to render aid. It is said that he carries a treasure that allows him to display a different face every week. Behind the mask is a visage that he will only reveal to the Nine High Lords and the Parliament of Dreams.

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