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-::||The Kithian||::-

Legends tell that the fae were born of ancient dreams. Fantasies have shaped the natures of the kith we know today. Though the truth has been lost with the passing of years, we can still see the results. A changeling's kith reflects his kinship and knowledge, and it has a profound influence on his identity. Each kith has certain abilities, affinities and weaknesses inherent to it. These are a part of fae heritage. A changeling's Court also has an effect on these. After all, each has learned to adapt (or exploit) its identity as best it can. The following nine kith represent the changeling races of the Western world. They are by no means the only ones in the world, as each faction of humankind has its own particular reflection of the Dreaming. As one would expect, each kith also has its own culture, history and ethnic pride; the following only begins to describe their identities.

Each of the following kith descriptions is broken down into several parts. The following is a brief outline of what you can expect to find in each kith description.

Name and Pronunciation: The name of the kith and its proper pronunciation. Do not take the pronunciations as gospel, however, as they tend to vary from kingdom to kingdom.

General Description: A brief history of the kith, where they've been, and what they do now. It also includes something about their outlook on life.

Appearance: The most common description of the kith. Many variations of these descriptions certainly exist; this, however, provides information about what you are most likely to encounter. These descriptions are of the kith's fae mien, not a mortal seeming. Though the mortal seeming can be quite different, there are usually close similarities between the seeming and the mien.

Lifestyle: How this kith commonly lives as well as what its members are most often like as childlings, wilders and grumps. Remember that these are generalizations, and in a people known to embrace the mutability of dreams, variations always exist.

Affinity: The kith's Affinity for a particular Realm. Whenever a member of the kith casts a cantrip involving that Realm, the difficulty is lowered by one.

Birthrights and Frailties: The inherent strengths and weaknesses of the kith. Birthrights that have apparent physical effects (such as a troll's mighty strength, a sidhe's breathtaking beauty, or a pooka's animal features) do not function around mortals, while Birthrights with "non-apparent" effects (such as a sluagh's sharpened senses or a boggan's social radar) do. For the purposes of these descriptions, mortals are always assumed to be unenchanted. Mortals who are enchanted are the same as Kithain for the purposes of Birthrights functioning in their presence. Those Birthrights that allow a kith to never botch at a certain roll always function normally.

Quote: A quote that could commonly be heard from one of this kith.

Outlook: A look at the kith's general opinion on the rest of the fae


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