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House Gwydion

House Gwydion is perhaps the most "noble" of all the houses. While other houses retreated to Arcadia long ago, the Gwydion sidhe chose to face the Sundering head-on. Gwydion sidhe believe that their lord and founder has been reborn again and again as a noble sidhe. He is said to have been resurrected as a paladin serving Charlemagne and a major-general serving Napoleon. Rivals swear that he must have aided Machiavelli as well.

Members of House Gwydion are conservative, duty-bound Kithain who place the well-being of their kingdoms above their own. Unfortunately, they let everyone else know this. Their rule is often marked by extreme arrogance, and they categorically state that only members of their house are fit to rule. From there, each member of House Gwydion proceeds to state that she is more fit to rule than her brethren. The internecine feuds that result can only be halted by one thing: a threat from outside the house. The members then band together to prove the superiority of House Gwydion. When the threat ends, it's back to business as usual.

Their anger, like their rivalry, is legendary. When confronted with something that offends their honor, they have been known to go berserk. Furthermore, when a fae of House Gwydion is presented with a rival that he cannot overcome, he becomes Unseelie until he can find some way (any way, no matter how base) in which he can triumph. Once triumphant, he returns to his typical Seelie arrogance.

The blazon of House Gwydion is vert, a falcon maintaining an oak leaf or. (A gold falcon, facing left with a gold leaf in its beak, wings raised, legs splayed, against a green field.)

Boon: With a successful Perception + Kenning roll, members of House Gwydion can sense if someone is telling the truth; the difficulty is the subject's Willpower. For some reason (perhaps by an ancient pact), members of House Eiluned are immune to this.

Flaw: Although they are great warriors, sidhe of this house are prone to great rages. Whenever they reach the Wounded Health Level (from either chimerical or physical damage), or when their honor is insulted, they must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 5). Those who fail fly into a berserk rage and attack anyone near them, ally or enemy. While berserk, they ignore all Health Level penalties until they reach Incapacitated. 

Exile: Kithain of House Gwydion insist that they returned to Earth by their own choosing. Enemies attest that a highranking Seelie in Arcadia exiled them to Earth as punishment for their arrogance. In the mundane world, they reasoned, Gwydion sidhe would be forced to live up to their bold claims. High Lord Ardanon claims to be descended from the founders of the mythical land of Ardenmore, despite the evidence repeatedly presented by loremasters that such a land never existed. Within a castle in northern Germany, he dreams each night of a faerie's quest in Arcadia. Whether these stories are true is highly dubious, though he has carefully documented every one. When the Bedlam evoked by these stories becomes too strong, he moves like a force of nature to descend upon a random freehold to demand hospitality and question them on recent politics. Then he returns to the Freehold of the One True Dream to continue his tales.

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