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Grumps are the "grown-ups" of changeling society. Having lost the innocence of their early years, many become irascible and bitter. They miss the pleasures and Glamour of youth. Since Kithain are very sensitive to Banality, age destroys their idealism as they grow older. The average grump is still less banal than the average mortal, but by Kithain standards, they are seen as stubborn and sedate...and react accordingly.

One in 20 changelings is a grump. They prefer to be called greybeards, but among childlings and wilders, the name "grump" has stuck. By their late 20s, most greybeards fall before the onslaught of Banality and lose their changeling essence. The most unfortunate are Undone: they lose all memory of their changeling lives. If a greybeard has been able to hold off this fate for long, he has no doubt gained a degree of wisdom. The staunchest changelings find ways to stave off this slumber, even though they may find it difficult to set aside their mortal lives in the process.

Greybeards see themselves as the most reliable and responsible of the Kithain. They often assume the duty of caring for childlings, as wilders think they have more important things to do. They are also keepers of tradition and lore, and they are eager to pass on this knowledge to the young. If only the young would listen more often....

When the burden of the mundane world becomes too great, the easiest escape from ennui is the intrigue of the noble court. These fae see themselves as the movers and shakers in the higher echelons of the court, even if the wilders — or their rulers — think other wise. Though they realize much of Kithain society is hopelessly antiquated, they have grown to appreciate it. There is wisdom in the rituals of the Kithain, and the greybeards treasure it.

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