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Wild Portals

Discovered only recently (or rediscovered), wild portals open onto paths that appear at first to be trods complete with Silver Path. In reality, they lead only to the wildest parts of the Far or Deep Dreaming. Such gateways betray their true nature in various ways. They may seem particularly crooked or shoddily built, be overgrown with foliage in a color unlike anything else in the vicinity, or have an odd smell. A careless changeling who steps through a wild portal (believing it to be the opening to an actual trod) quickly finds that she is lost in the otherworld.

Stranded with no idea how to reach a true trod or return home, she can expect days (or years) of wild adventures as she tries to make her way through the chaotic realms that constitute this least understood part of the Dreaming.  No one is quite sure how wild portals come to exist. The Seelie claim that they are the work of the Unseelie, while the Unseelie blame it on the Seelie. These reports claim that powerful fae  deliberately created wild portals to entice their enemies, hoping to strand them in the Dreaming at particularly dangerous spots. 

Others maintain that wild portals are a creation of the Dreaming itself, a defense mechanism brought into play at the time of the Shattering. Wild portals were the last gasp of magic attempting to remain in touch with the mundane by creating new openings into the Dreaming when the old ones failed and closed.

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