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Whereas freeholds are constructed, glades are naturally occurring wells of Glamour. Some freeholds are created within glades, but not all glades are freeholds. These sylvan places are used mainly for retreat, quiet contemplation and the replenishment of Glamour. Found only in the most hidden parts of the world, glades exist because they were dreamed into existence. Such tiny pockets of paradise have been longed for by almost all of humanity, described by pulp writers and serious novelists alike, and occasionally "discovered" by religious sects. When found, they are cherished like no other spots on Earth, and their boundaries are fiercely protected. Glades need not be small, nor are they always found within woodlands.

They might be grassy hillocks, open fields, small orchards, mountain meadows, even pebble-strewn beaches beside rushing streams or hidden lakes. Whatever form they take, all have one thing in common: the sacred stone from which they derive their magic. Somewhat like balefire, the sacred stone serves as the heart of the glade, acting as the repository for Glamour. Less open to being claimed by a single individual, glades bestow their Glamour onto whomever dreams within them first (at least for that night). The sacred stone is not always the most eye-catching feature of a glade. In fact, though some glades boast circles of menhir (lofty single standing stones or altar-like table rocks), these are usually not the actual sacred stones.

Such stones are impressive and attract a great deal of attention, but this is not to say that impressive stones are never the sacred stones of glades. The Lia Fail of Ireland is one such example, but these are less likely to be the true source of power simply because they garner so much attention. They are too obvious, and by that, they can be too easily stolen, robbing the glades of their power. Far more likely candidates can be found leaning against trees or nestled among roots, gathering moss.

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