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House Eiluned

This house has always been tainted by the scandals of its founder, Lady Eiluned. As the creator of the so-called "House of Secrets," she conspired with many dark and mysterious beings and powers to gather magical knowledge. Although many now work as counselors or advisors for the Seelie Court, some whisper that Eiluned will eventually become an Unseelie house. Regardless, sidhe of this house seem to enjoy the best of both Courts.

Eiluned sidhe are valued for their extensive occult knowledge, their uncanny ability to gather secrets and their preternatural talent for intrigue. Fiefs ruled by House Eiluned are filled with mystery. There are accusations that House Eiluned voluntarily accepted exile on Earth as punishment for a horrible and forgotten crime. Members of the house counter that their Seelie affiliations prove they are innocent. This doesn't prevent Eiluned sidhe from falling into their Unseelie Legacies, however.

Eiluned sidhe know darkness as well as they know light. When an Eiluned sidhe needs to work with treacherous or unscrupulous characters to gather secrets, she is capable of deliberately becoming Unseelie until she gets what she wants. This state must last either from moonrise to moonrise or sunset to sunset (that is, at least a full day). If the changeling doesn't get the secret she lusts after, she cannot become Seelie again until she learns the truth.

House Eiluned's blazon is per chevron, sable and argent, two decresents and a pentacle counterchanged. (Two silver crescent moons on black above a black pentacle on silver.)

Boon: All members of this house have an impressive talent for magic. All cantrips cast by Kithain of House Eiluned automatically gain an additional success.

Flaw: Members of this house have an overwhelming curiosity and are attracted to mysteries and conspiracy. An Eiluned must spend a point of Willpower to avoid meddling in a mystery or becoming involved in a plot. Some even have a treacherous streak, briefly becoming Unseelie to form a dark alliance and then turning Seelie to prove their innocence. The Kithain distrust many of them; the difficulties of all their Social rolls are increased by one.

Exile: There are three stories concerning the reasons of House Eiluned's exile to Earth. The first relates to the curse of an ancient artifact rescued from the soul forges of Western Arcadia. The second concerns a pact with an ancient order of warlocks. The third says that a promise has been made between the ruler of the house and a pretender, an alleged Unseelie High King in exile.

It is said that High Lord Ariadne dreams in a chariot that exists only within the Dreaming. She is rumored to emerge only when the moon is full. The physical substance of this conveyance changes each month, and tales are told of the fell beasts of burden that draw it. Each month, she retires for a full week to a place of secrecy, where she gathers the knowledge assembled by her entourage.

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