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Dreams are but interludes which fancy makes; When Monarch-Reason sleeps, this mimic wakes; Compounds a medley of disjointed things, A mob of cobblers and a court of kings: Light fumes are merry, grosser fumes are sad; Both are the reasonable soul run mad: And many monstrous forms in sleep we see, That neither were, nor are, nor e'er can be. — Dryden, "The Cock and the Fox"

Sometimes creative thoughts and dreams take on solid form or are deliberately shaped into objects, places or creatures. The unreal given reality, these fanciful creations are called chimera. Birthed by changelings or other beings touched by the Dreaming during particularly intense moments, chimera may be either animate or inanimate. Some are formed deliberately, while others spring into being at a thought. Others seem to come to life almost against their dreamers' wills. Chimera are seldom what their creators expect; some may be beautiful and friendly, while others are dark, twisted and inimical. Chimera may even be dangerous to changelings, especially those given form through unresolved fears or vivid nightmares. Regardless of how they come into being, chimera created within the confines of reality must relate to that world in some fashion. Inanimate chimera have little choice concerning that interaction. Animate dreams-come-true often take on lives of their own. On rare occasions, they can even become real to humans.

Changeling Perspectives
Chimerical Reality
Chimera - Inanimate
Chimera - Animate
Chimerical Monsters

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