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Childlings, the youngest of the Kithain, aren't always as innocent or naive as they seem. Though physically between the ages of three and 13, many are wise beyond their years. Some have lived countless lifetimes; they simply don't realize it in their current state. As outsiders to much of adult life, they often see things in adult society that their elders cannot.

In many ways, childlings are just like mortal children. The world is their playground. They love the spectacle and pageantry of faerie life. Their elders may mistakenly think of them as passive and peaceful, but with so much Glamour and energy coursing through childlings, they can be hellacious forces of chaos. The worst are vicious and feral; the best can be startlingly imaginative.

The wonder and innocence of childhood brings childlings closer to the Dreaming. Banality affects them the least of all  changelings—they live in a never-ending faerie tale. Some may exist in a slightly dark or tragic tale, but even the grimmest are suffused with magic. Unfortunately, this also means that childlings often have trouble being taken seriously by older changelings, especially those who worry endlessly about the troublesome game of life. Noble childlings encounter this difficulty as much as commoners do.

Confronted with mortals who insist they know what's best for them — such as teachers and parents — childlings are forced to hide their faerie identities. If the pressures of the mundane world grow too great for them, they have no choice but to run away from home and seek out a freehold that will look after them.

Childlings enjoy a certain degree of privilege in Kithain society. They're nurtured, taught and encouraged. Because they're learning, they're often forgiven for their misdoings. Inexperience, however, shuts them out from many adult activities. The solution is to live in a dream of their own. In their own private reality, playtime never ends.

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