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-::||Changeling: The Dreaming||::-

To touch the Dreaming is to access the fountainhead of creativity from which all stories, dreams, arts and crafts spring. Changelings are part of those stories — though their bodies are of mortal flesh, their souls are formed of dreams. Every changeling who undergoes the Chrysalis brings a tiny part of the Dreaming back into the world. Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, her discovery of her changeling nature sets her soul aloft. This transformation allows a changeling to see beyond the mundane facade and glimpse the infinite boundaries of the Dreaming. Gifted with the ability to see both what is and what might be, a changeling occupies a world of ever-widening possibilities, limited only by her own imagination and creativity. This difference in perception is no simple overlay like a rainbow oil slick atop a puddle. A sparkling other world of faerie magic exists alongside and within the mortal world, a very part of it. It is within this chimerical reality that changelings live.

Banality and Things of The Dreaming
Chimera Related Topics

Places of Glamour
The Kithian
The Noble Houses

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