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:::The Arts of the Changeling:::

Arts are the defined means by which a changeling can mold and shape Glamour to produce certain effects. Each of the Arts is organized into five ranking powers of ascending potency. The powers given are what is known to most changelings of Earth; ancient fae may have abilities far beyond the scope and ken of their younger brethren. Following the description of each power is the systems and rules usage, including applications and the effect of casting the same cantrip multiple times upon a subject.

The Arts described here only begin to scratch the surface of those available to changelings; they are, however, the most commonly encountered. Being creatures of Glamour and whimsy, many changelings have discovered other methods of using the Arts described here (often for radical and unorthodox results). Whether a character can use an Art in a manner other than the ways described here is at the whim of the Storyteller — though it never hurts to try.

Mortals often later forget the effects of Arts cast upon them ("Coincidence," or "There must be a rational explanation."). Any time a mortal is affected by or witnesses a Wyrd cantrip, consult the Mists chart to determine exactly what she remembers.

The basic cantrip casting rules make the most use of the Realms of Actor and Fae. Generally speaking, the target of many cantrips is most often a person, whether a mortal, supernatural or another fae. In many cases, the Scene Realm can be used in conjunction with Fae or Actor to affect multiple targets. Realms such as Nature, Prop and Time have their own particular uses in cantrips as well.

For example, Jimble (a pooka of fair nature if little wisdom) goes into a bar and walks right into a pack of Unseelie redcaps he played a prank on just the other week. Realizing that his life is in danger, Jimble ducks out of the bar and casts a Fugue cantrip on the redcaps to make them forget that he was ever there. Jimble needs to use Fae 2 to affect one of the redcaps and then Scene 1 to make all the redcaps in the room forget that they had seen him.



'Arts' Definitions

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