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'Arts' Definitions

The Art: Each Art opens with a general description of the Art's basic function as well as a little bit about what its cantrips are capable of. This section may also discuss how the Art is used and perceived in changeling society.

Cantrips: Cantrips, more simply known as "faerie magic," are how changelings manipulate Glamour to create magical effects, both in the Dreaming and in the mortal world. A changeling sparks her own internal Glamour and thereby creates a link with the Dreaming — a link strong enough that she can draw upon and form the raw stuff of the Dreaming to suit her desires. In a sense, cantrips are physical manifestations of Glamour.  What follows here is a description of the Arts, which define (he actual powers and effects of changeling magic, and the Realms, which delineate who or what a changeling can affect with her magic when she casts a cantrip.

Attribute: Immediately following this description is the Attribute which is used when casting a cantrip from this Art.

Powers: Following the description of the Art are its different levels and what cantrips can be cast at each of these levels. The opening section provides an overview of the types of effects that are possible with that Art.

System: This section offers the actual rules for casting the cantrip. This includes how the Realms interact with the cantrip, how the number of successes earned affects the cantrip, and how (or if) the cantrip can be resisted.

Type: This indicates whether the cantrip is chimerical or Wyrd. Chimerical cantrips are those that either only affect enchanted beings or which have subtle effects that could be purely coincidental. Anything that has a realworld effect (such as teleporting from one place to another) is considered a Wyrd cantrip. If a changeling calls upon the Wyrd, all cantrips that the character casts automatically become Wyrd.

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